Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Art of Home ~ a never finished canvas

~ Welcome to our home ~

My friend Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages
{link is at bottom of my post}
 has invited me
to share our home renovations along with hers,
and our mutual love of decorating and whimsy.

So here is a partial tour of our renovations and updates
to this 30+ year old home we purchased last year

~ First the "After" of the exterior ~
New roof, excessive trees removed, new lawn,
larger upper story window with new trim around it
and the dormer windows, and more plants.

This photo shows that larger window up on the left
which my husband took out of the laundry room where he installed a door.

Below is a "before" photo
Good bones, but badly needing a new roof, trees removed so the sparse lawn could get some light,
and those light posts cut down 

Inside, with my husband doing the majority of the work
and me doing the painting, we removed layers of wallpaper,
had the wood floors refinished,
transformed a bedroom into the master bath
and turned the former bathroom into a master closet.
{All to eventually be shown here on the blog}

I painted the large oak built-in bookcases on either side
of the rebuilt fireplace surround and mantle in the great room
in white and gray, and the walls in pale gray.
{these can be seen in an earlier post}

Today I will show the KITCHEN

I fell in love with the kitchen at first sight,
and even more so now after we replaced the formica
countertops with quartz, replaced the worn 30 year old
Wolf range with a new Italian model, installed a new sink
and painted the walls.

I removed 2 layers of wallpaper
{not the funnest job in the world to put it mildly...}

A solid yellow had been applied over the tiny rosebud print
the yellow pulled right off ... but the underneath one was quite a task

Then after painting the walls a pale blue-gray
I painted a mural in the breakfast nook.

I spray painted this vintage chandelier aqua
and got rid of the not so pretty ceiling light

I titled this post the ART of HOME because,
like Anita, I love incorporating my love of art
and fun into my decorating,
we both love white and shabby chic and French decor.
My home has been my canvas this past year, unfinsihed story...

The new Verona range, tile backspash, counters
and wall paint color

With Anita, I share a love of whimsy and
it is evident in every room of our home... here you can see
a shadowbox scene on the counter of an
Audrey Hepburn doll from "Roman Holiday"...
a horse and carriage on the range hood carrying 2 felted mice...
and a sign I made with a saying from Cinderella.

Below, the "Before" and the vintage range we sold on Craigs list.

The counters and tile backsplash were a cream color, although in this photo they look white.
The idea of a Wolf range was exciting, but it was quite worn and the 
kitchen needed a sleeker range.

Another "Before" photo
Here you can see the orangey oak floor, the old sink and rubber surround,
the black range and the black speckled formica island top.
The house came with a year old Sub Zero refrigerator and 2 wall ovens.

Below, as it is now.
We took out the island sink
and made the island a bit longer for seating.
There is another sink on the other side of the kitchen.

eventually there will be a chandelier hanging over the island

Anita and I also share a love of chandeliers, candelabras
faux cakes, and vintage trucks for decor

... The flower lamp was a flea market treasure ...
This is where I sit every morning with my laptop, coffee in hand,
emailing Anita... we correspond daily!

This door heads out to the garage, and is the 2nd sink area.

Fun thing about a neutral kitchen in white and gray,
I can change out whatever colors I'm into....  
such as my love of Aqua and Pink!

So, there's our kitchen!

Now, please go and visit Anita,
it is so exciting, her home is featured in
the new Romantic Country magazine,
and is even on the cover!
(and ... one of my paintings is on her mantle!)

Anita and I met through our blogs many years ago
and developed a friendship from our mutual sense of fun,
decor, faith and laughter.

Thank you Anita, for your beautiful friensdhip!!!

~ Violet ~


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ohhhhhh I amm so thrilled to see this! And to even see more in your next installation! Violet, that kitchen of yours, it sparkles with the love of white and sleek, shabby and whimsy and all that is missing is me in your kitchen. teeeheheheeee

I know that if we met, I would sob. Your daily support, laughter, ideas, caring spirit, etc, has meant the world to me. OH! And our love of white horses, roses, gowns, the list goes on! Well done my friend; this estate is a masterpiece and not to mention the Fairy Island, a place I want to dwell in beside those waters!

The kitchen really took on such character. I can't wait to see the chandelier when it goes up! My congratulation to you and your man for having put in so much love and sweat equity. Believe me, I've thought of you and giggle when Ruben and I are in the middle of hanging a chandelier, me holding it, him trying to figure out how to get it attached! And there's Home Depot, go with me everywhere.


Robyn said...

Hi Violet,

I'm visiting from Anita's blog and I can see why you have become such good friends! You both have such a similar aesthetic and your love for beautiful things is evident everywhere.
Your home is a true treasure and I can feel the warmth and love you have invested in it.
How wonderful to find your fabulous blog. I am a new follower and look forward to exploring!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Beautiful transformation Violet. I love your whimsical style of artistic expression from your heart. I love your fairy island and between the magical feel and the essence of sheer beauty it is a joy to see your style in photos. Oh and that mural in your kitchen is breathtaking and for me, an artist who paints murals it's saying volumnes.

Lisa said...

Greetings Violet:
You and Anita are both so blessed to have such beautiful homes, supportive husbands and artistic vision! It is a treat to see your before and after photos and a treat as well to share in the virtual ring of friendship forming on these pages. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your home and your heart.
Also, I shared with Anita a few moments ago that my very sweet, youngest granddaughter just had her first birthday on Sunday and her name is Violet Jane (swoon.)

Junkchiccottage said...

Hello Violet. So nice to meet you and your beautiful blog and home. I have known Anita only a short while in blog land but connected with her sweet and creative soul right away. I can see where you too kindred spirits would unite in blog land. Your transformations of your home are stunning. Such a wonderful kitchen. The heart of the home so pretty.

donna baker said...

Violet, nice to meet you. I came by from Anita's blog and love what you've done. I wish I was younger and still had the get up and at it. I think I've just about done everything, but can't anymore;( But, that doesn't stop me from looking and thank you for showing us.

Createology said...

Be still my beating heart. Your home is truly stunning with you and your husband's magic you have worked. I am breathless seeing what you have done. I shall be visiting to see more of your Creative Bliss.

Barbara said...

Hello Violet, I'm just over from Anita's blog, and am looking forward to getting to know you. Your kitchen is beautiful, and I love the aqua and pink accents.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING, sunshine!

I had to come back again to soak in all the beauty of this fabulous kitchen. It is really surreal to look at it, especially that wonderful seating area where you drink your coffee and email MOI! To think that from that space, you write me, and we can share many laughs, exciting moments of IDEAS, and then carry on with our day. I so love what you and your handyman have done in this kitchen. It takes a lot of boldness to move a kitchen sink space and reconfigure such a function. Well, I guess we did the same thing when we moved the stove space to where the old refrigerator once was!

I see so many similarities once again even with the exterior of our homes. Brick, grass that had to be loved to get green again, the taking down of trees, the planting of hope. This summer, it was a joy to talk about the roses that give us so much happiness, to share ideas for your Fairy Island and our little transition. It all worked out, didn't it?

Carry on sweet friend. Autumn has much for us to do. From Cinderella pumpkins and carriages, theatres (and yet another thing we have in common!) to faux cakes for winter, we are connected in this life, and the next.


Art and Sand said...

You took an ugly duckling with good bones and turned it into a beautiful swan.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my dear, dear friend! I am having a blast looking at your post yet again, and seeing that you too came by again! YES, what is missing now from both our landscapes and homes are EACH OTHER! I just know we'd be antique hunting, thrift store perusing, French bakery invading, sewing, painting, getting into something creative! And of course, glitter or chandeliers would be in the picture! Yes, you are correct: there is so much more to say about the things we share in common, and all I can say is that it's a gift to know you. What's up for Sunday?

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Violet, I remember your move and to now see all that has transpired is nothing short of everything that's you!
Love the elevation of your exterior of your bricked cottage wonderful casings around the windows that allow them to pop against the brick, really a welcoming home.
As for the mural dusted in tones that feel like grey clouds it's amazing, and I can so relate to this kind of design art as I have lost count through the many years of faux painting composit columns into marbles and stone cracks given to them and all, as well as creating faded murals of Trompe L'oeil so much different then painting in the fashion of signs and wood piece I do now!
It's this kind of magic that wow anyone who enters and I am most certain one gasp when they see this corner of tour lovely kitchen.

You not only have the have and beauty in your dogs one would only imagine you would do the same in your home.
It's a home to love...
I have fifi's latest Romantic Country magazine and all the country homes are inspiring, it was a good fit for Anitas home.
What about Angela's 700 sq foot home can you imagine creating this much colorful charm and sweetness in such a small space? Living small can be so creative. I also was inspired by Gina's use in Shabby Sanctuary home with all the doors, windows and mirrors wow!
Something in this issue for everyone.

I can't wait to see the chandelier you hang over your center island... I picked up that antique iron hand forged lantern in Malibu Ca. Looking over the sea....its the start of my now passion for old world France and the use of lanterns. I and having to redo my ceiling and center island before it can be hung their, but it hit me in the mean time here or my next move why not use it as a lamp and I eaqually love about a great lantern over your center island, there are so many with the whimsy you reach for in your home, and Imcan so,see one with the mix of your bling in chandeliers. There is enchantment in a lantern like fairies who carry them about in the dark wooded nights.....

For me it's back to my roots of living with all things old, nothing not known to be French influenced with the language of French, and I am hooked on who or what ever inspires uniqueness. You my dear do just that here in your white kitchen.

Off to go hang a shop keepers sign today that I just finished up painting
enjoy all that inspires the best from you.
You have a home to love Violet.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello Violet....popping in from Anita's blog! Wow you have done such a lot of transformation on your new home! I can see a lot of similarities with you both. What an awesome Friendship you and Anita have....just beautiful!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Hi Violet. I'm visiting after reading dear Anita's post. I love her! It's so inspiring to see what the two of you have accomplished in your respective homes. What a difference you made in the exterior look of your home by adding that window. You knew exactly what was needed. And now your home's front yard and entrance is so charming and inviting. Same with the kitchen. I love your restrained use of color. It only makes the color so much. . .MORE. You have great taste (as does Anita). And obviously, great talent. I'll be back to see more of your home and art. xo ~ Nancy

Jean | said...

Violet, I'm so happy to have found your beautiful site through Anita's post. Love what you did to the kitchen, looking forward to the next post!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home you have. I especially love the breakfast nook. That mural is simply gorgeous!

Maria @ Mint Hill

vintageandart said...

Hi Violet...popped in here via Anita's blog and have so enjoyed seeing all your home renovations, l especially love the wall mural you've painted in the dining room, so pretty and really makes a statement whilst still being subtle.
Your kitchen is beautiful, and all that you've done in there looks the pink and aqua accents.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Violet,
How sweet of you to come for a visit. It was so nice to see you there. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.. I keep you in my thoughts.

Unknown said...

Just now had time to realize you have a new addition to your blog and came to see your AMAZING kitchen make over. You and Randy give new meaning to the word amazing. Now that I've seen your kitchen, I understand why I found no Violet Skiles artwork on Etsy when searching recently.

Do I even need to say that just when I thought I was used to your creativity and talent, I am awed once again. My chin is on the floor! More beautiful than anything I've seen on Pinterest, Houzz, etc.


architectviews said...