Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fairy Garden Pathway

I created a fairy garden in this metal container
and designed a pathway through it

~ and thought I'd share the process ~

Stones, Beads, Sea Shells and Glitter
for a pathway for the fairies

I began with cardboard.... although wood might make a more durable base.

To try to waterproof it, I gave it a couple coats of brown spray paint.
Next, I covered the back with modeling paste
(because I had some on hand, you could use plaster of paris,
cement, or tile grout) Let dry.

{update:  for outdoors, use wood not cardboard!
Being in too much of a hurry did not create a long-lasting effect!!!!}

Next, I did a section at a time and laid in the stones, beads, shells and glitter.
...You could use anything on hand, even regular pebbles,
pieces of glass, any type of beads, broken china (think mosaic!)
I pressed them into the modeling paste and let it dry.
To finish it off I applied a couple of coats of clear acrylic gloss
to protect it even more.

I am enjoying these fun miniature gardens!

~ and so are some little ones ~
:  )

~ Violet ~


Createology said...

How very sweet your fairy garden with the thoughtful path of glitter and stones. How adorable is the little girl enjoying the fairy garden!! Magical dear...

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That is that! My girls would enjoy that very much. Have a wonderful week xx

Kate said...

Hi Violet
These is so precious I love it! I need to make one with my Gracie!

Have a blessed week


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Beloved sister,

You have stolen my heart; I believe it is embedded on this little path you have made, and the sweet little trinkets and moist plants are a dream...but the most precious of all is the beautiful little child standing in wonder of her grandmother's gifts....

THE CONTAINER IS AWESOME and you're having fun, aren't cha? I haven't even started my fairy gardens, and may not get to it this summer, but I am with you all the way in the fun of creating your own. I am sending you another item for your miniature world...hope you like it! Anita

Charlene said...

So pretty! And you are sooooooo lucky to have a little girl to play with. Can't see my boys doing a fairy garden :(

Palomasea said...

So darling!!!
You inspire me, dear Violet...
And what joy to see the joy and wonder in your precious granddaughter's eyes!!