Friday, August 15, 2008

The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

A friend came to visit the other day. I use to sew with her in her parents basement when we were in high school. Her mom was our Home-Ec teacher in junior high (back in the days when there was such a class!) Sue would help me in my sewing and I learned so much. She had the patience to tear out my mistakes and help me fix things. What a friend!!!

We oiled the old Singer I bought at a thrift store ... over 40 places the booklet said needed oiling! Then we threaded it up and lo and behold, it sews wonderfully! Nothing is broken or damaged on it. I'm not sure how old this machine is, I tried to check it out online and one source said it may be almost 70 years old. I'm wondering what items being made today that will still be working in 70 years ?!? Not my digital camera. Not my computer. Not my microwave. But this old Singer will still be sewing! Perhaps sitting in a future great-granddaughters sewing room. What a thought!

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Mandy said...

How exciting that your machine actually works! I completely agree, there won't be many of today's tools to pass down to future generations. My main niche is making jewelry. After my Great-Grandmother passed I was going through some stuff I received (sewing stuff) of hers, I came across some tools, jewelers tools, they were my Great-Grandfather's, when I get the chance I use them in my work, it makes the pieces so much more special....I LOVE that you can imagine your Great Granddaughter using your tools.
By the way I love your work, you are very talented artist and your blog & photos & studio, everything is just so full of beauty, thanks for sharing.