Sunday, July 26, 2015

Staging ... The Great Room


Vignettes Give the Room a Focal Point

A Place for the Eyes to Land 
When Taking in the View of a Room

And Bring in a Pop of Color

the 'before' of this room ~ b o r i n g!!!

The beginning of the inspiration for this room were the pillows,
found for half price at World Market.
I painted 3 canvases to go with the pillows
for the wall that was always an issue for me.

An aqua knitted throw from Home Goods
covers the scratched ottoman,
and the wood tray (with mirror bottom) is also from there.

Two rugs from Ross created the look of a larger rug
under the ottoman.

We bought a 30 year old home and are selling this
house we built 3 years ago!
crazy?  {maybe!}  but not a mistake!

I enjoyed staging the house to sell
and will be showing some other rooms in my next post.

~ Violet ~

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

The Queens Chair

Sits at the Queens Desk,
Where the 'Queen of Sparkle' Cake Encourages
All Who Enter To
  "C R E A T E   B E A U T Y"  

A Blank Canvas Awaits

And Supplies Are At Hand

 {~ thank you for visiting ~ }

And thank you to Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage blog,
who is once again hosting the
Where Bloggers Create (2015) Blog Party!

My studio is in the midst of change,
since we moved a couple of weeks ago.
But my supplies and furniture remain the same,
so I decided to participate even though things
are still a bit unorganized in my life
and I am a day late!

A Studio Swan Inspires Creativity

The Desk is Cleared for the Next Project

Miniature Paintings Inspired by the Sea

Colored Pencils in Colorful Glasses
Stir the Imagination

And The Studio Fairy Dress Form Inspires To

( A Wall Quote Above the French Doors )

To visit all of the other participants in this years
blog hop, click on this link to Karens post
and scroll down to see her creative space
and all the others!

~ Violet ~

To visit my art website, click here:

Friday, July 3, 2015

White Flower Peacock

White Petunias
Cascading Down a Vintage Tiered Metal Plant Stand

I began with this (those look like flamingo legs...)

and painted him the colors of a real peacock I visit 

Here's how he looked when I first planted the Petunias

I found the rusted plant stand on Craigs list and the containers are from a dollar store

and this is him now

When I began this project, this is how I pictured it looking.
{I admit to increasing the flowers in Photoshop}

June flew by!
We moved!  And are selling our 3 year old house we built,
and bought a 30 year old home with more space for gardening.

I will share more in my next blog post,
which won't be so long in coming!

~Violet ~

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tulle and Roses

T u l l e

and R o s e s

a Wonderful Combination of Beauty

in Shades of Peachy Pinks

 Oh the joys of summer!

~ Violet ~ 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Twin Vintage Dolls

These vintage beauties caught my eye a while back.
They were both at the same antique shop
and one wore the gown (although dirty and needing mending)
and the other had a not so pretty outfit.

The first thing I did was to make them undergarments
from vintage lace

At a flea market shop I found a blouse
that was very large and faded but had lovely beaded sleeves.
~ Ta-Da! ~
The elastic end went around the wrists....
I took a seam to make it smaller and hemmed the other end.
T W I N S!!!

From a small fur collar I made two stoles
~ Playing dress up is fun when you have a twin ~

~ Violet ~