Monday, October 6, 2008

Peeking into Autumn

Happy Autumn!

Fall Decor in the Dining Room

I never want to say good bye to summer. But this year I choose to embrace the beauty of Fall earlier than I usually do.

From the fullness of His grace

we have all received one blessing after another! John 1:16

Birdy is wearing a bracelet for a necklace. In front is a beaded felted flower

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
His lovingkindness is forever. Psalm 118:29

To every thing there is a season

Ribbon and a clip-on Earring glam up a simple candle

Notice anyone peeking thru?

White pumpkins!


InkyArtitude said...

What exquisite photo's. Your arrangements are absolutely beautiful. I love the one of your two Affy's and I can just hear the cogs turning in their heads..... 'do you think Mum would be awfully angry if we managed to knock this over'?
Happy Autumn Days to you all!

Violet said...

Ha! Actually only one of our dogs is apt to destroy (or in her eyes is it 'altering?!?) items sitting about... the cream colored one - Dazzle - is the mischevious one in our household. Drifter on the other hand is only naughty concerning food, and will counter-surf whenever he can get away with it : ) Like the day he grabbed a half a cube of butter to eat, which then got all over his fur...

Anonymous said...

Autumn decorations are a lot of fun!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh you've inspired me! I've been lax about saying goodbye to the roses and flowers, but since I am daily dodging acorns (OUCH! Not always successfully), I guess it is time for the brilliant hues of autumn to begin dancing in the entry and on throughout the house. Your decorations are splendid. Thanks for sharing! : )

Lisa said...

Great photos and wonderful Autumn decor.

My what fancy pet dogs you have. That hair is so long it's almost "human like".

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ... sigh ...