Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Joy of Glitter

Glitter in little salt shakers

The glitter had been stored in a drawer in my studio.
But the joy of glitter is seeing it!
I bought 12 little salt shakers at a container store
and thought it would be enough. (silly me) I need a few more
for all my colors of glitter. Now I need to remember not to
turn them over to look at the label I put on the bottom.
Which I keep doing for some reason.

Glitter is happiness in a salt shaker.
~Have a glittery sparkly day!~


Betty said...

What an Adorable idea!! I am going to start searching flea markets for "stray" salt shakers.

Christine said...

You know how to shake things up!
Cute display and very clever.

~~Deby said...

Violet...what a wonderful idea..I think it just sparkles so pretty...
I love paper projects (you can see on today's post)..and having my glitter so USABLE would be a great idea...

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

What a wonderful and original idea! I love it!!! They look so pretty and it's practical, too. Very crafty.
Patricia :o)

Diva Dee said...

OH, I love it! Your a girl after my own heart, I have all my glitter in big sugar shakers, salt and pepper shakers, and apothecary jars! My name is Dee, and I am a glitteraholic...
Beautiful post, enjoyed my visit so much, pop over to my new blog, I just launched it today.

Elizabeth G. said...

What kind of a camera do you have? Your pics are of a really high quality. I love the creative use of the little shakers!

Isn't it fun to thrift? I don't know if this is how you came by these, but I see this kind of thing at my favorite thrifts all of the time. So fun!