Friday, October 9, 2009

Embracing Autumn

... The leaves are turning more colorful...
shades of orange and red that shimmer in the sun.
Autumn's crisp days are upon us
Time to go get some pumpkins!

Last year I posted a tutorial about how to make
my "Pumpkin Toppers". I am so excited that
I have these to re-use this year!
To view the photos and posts, click here:
Happy Autumn Decorating!


Lorrie said...

Your "Autumn Day" painting reminds me of myself in days long past - girls wore skirts more often back then (whoa, it sounds like I'm from the dark ages!)

Enjoy this lovely autumn weekend!


Brenda Leyland said...

Beautiful photos.... I'd love to embrace autumn and give it a big hug as it's my favourite season of the year. Only thing is, in my part of the world, we've had a hit with wintry weather -- snow and everything since yesterday.

Thanks for making autumn stay awhile longer even if it's on blogland for me.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Violet~ I wanted to come by to invite you to see the feature I posted about your beautiful pumpkin toppers. I hope you can stroll on over.

Sweet wishes,

Charlene said...

I left you a comment on your pumpkin toppers but, then I went back to see some of your other posts. I am hooked. I usually don't add someone to my sidebar on a first glance but, you & your style take my breath away. I am letting everyone know about you. I can't wait to get to know you better.

Elizabeth G. said...


I just found your blog and I love it..Your pumpkin toppers are great and, although I am not as artistic as you, I think that I'm going to try this..What fun neighbor gifts, etc.

I can't wait to see what you do for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too! :)

Love the Phillipians quote in your sidebar. It is one of my favorites!

Sharon A. Kyser said...

Violet, Goodness, I am so glad you found me and I found you, via other posts. Thank you for your sweet comment on my recent post. Your art work is absolutely beautiful! (I never could paint people, just flowers in china painting.) Your style is unmistakeable. So very nice.

sweetjeanette said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so lovin' the pumpkin toppers! In fact, I'm going to feature you in my blog post today! Come see yourself. These are wonderful Ideas and so beautiful ---to bad you don't live near me and I'd bum one off of you! LOL!!!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Violet!
I am so happy to hear from you! You have been on my mind for several days must have known!
I have been wanting to get over and visit...many busy days right now!
Thank you for your prayers, we so much appreciate them! My brother is doing well and we continue to see God's work in and through him each day!

I had forgotten about your pumpkin toppers...they are so beautiful! May I share them with a link to you on my blog?
I'll be getting back on track with my newsletter, too, and would love to feature you and some of your paintings.
Please email me:


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Violet...
Thank you sweetie so much for stopping by my blog this morning. I feel so blessed. I have popped over and read and looked at so many beautiful things.

I have to tell you when I opened your blog and I saw this post, oh my gosh I thought I was seeing me as a child. I love this little blonde in the hat. I even wore golashes and a little brown jacket. Oh what you captured in this little painting. It is breathtaking.

I love your pumpkins that you made. They are so fresh and creative. They would just bring the table to life, and such a conversation piece. You did a beautiful job.

I love your afghan hounds. They are absolutely exquisite. I love the way their hair falls when they are running, and I am sure you have some work to do with them keeping them groomed. I love the one where the critter looks like shes laughing. So creative to catch at that very moment. You have captured their very souls in the pictures that you shared. I love them.

I was so tickled to see the little salt and pepper shakers with the glitters in them. Now how creative is that? I am going to start picking up a few too. I hope you won't mind. I just think they look so lovely and my gosh, how easy that would make them to glitter things.

The glass dishes that had buttons and misc. in looked so pretty and antique(y). Loved it.

I have signed up to follow your blog. I love it Violet. Your write with you heart and soul, and I so love that.

Stop back by soon. I would so love to have you visit.

Country hugs and love, Sherry