Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spring, a Castle, a Lion

I absolutely love the C.S. Lewis story about Narnia.
Remember how for so many years it was
"Always winter and never Christmas"
but then Aslan the Lion came
and brought Christmas!
And then the thaw ... and Springtime came to Narnia!
The Lion, who was not 'safe' but 'Good'
who gave His life to reverse the curse.
... a true story ...
May your new year be filled with the magic of Narnia!
~ Violet ~
P.S. for an entire C.D with songs of Narnia
by the group 2nd Chapter of Acts ~ (my dear friend Annie Herring!)
just click here ~ a page on her brother, Matthew Ward's website:
"The Roar of Love"
Annie's website is:
Her music fills my heart with joy, wonder and praise!
The book by C.S. Lewis is called
"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
Blessings ~ again ~ Violet


Violet said...

A note from Violet: Anita, you left such a lovely comment, (thank you : ) ~ I will come back to visit you at your blog after I figure out why my computer has been having issues. xoxo ~ Violet

Elizabeth G. said...

Love Narnia, too! Years ago, Santa brought my two children the entire Narnia collection as books on CD. My two went to bed every night listening to these recordings. We lived Narnia for a very long time. It still inspires me.

Happy New Year!

Diane said...

Violet, you have a beautiful blog! I'm glad you found mine so that I can now visit yours!

I'd love to be your next-door neighbor too! Get out the scissors, paper and glue because I'll be there for tea in about a half hour! ;-)

Hope to see you visiting with me again!