Friday, February 19, 2010

Bridal Shower for a Princess

Tomorrow my daughter and I are hosting a bridal shower
for Stephanie. They have been friends since age 2.
Bridesmaids in each others weddings!
Aren't these the cutest napkins?
A dollar store find! They stand up, and the back of the
napkin is the back of the 'girl'.
I found these pretty floral plates at TJ Max a few years ago.
My dining room isn't very feminine, so I went through
my closets and gathered scarves and shawls to drape the chairs.

The plates and cakestands will be filled with desserts.
The smaller 'cake stands' are plates set upon candle holders,
and the middle tiered cake stand is actually 3 pieces
stacked together. I love these dishes by Tracy Porter.
I had bought a few of the square shaped plates at
a shop a few years ago. Can you imagine how happy I was
to find many other pieces at TJ Max 2 years later?!?!
I grabbed them up at a bargain price!
Imagine cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries
and cream puffs center stage tomorrow.
Total YUM!

Here you can see the front and back of the napkins

Pearls and jewels hanging from the chanedlier

Bridesmaids dress for decor
along with sparkly shoes
What a fun day we will have showering Stephanie with
lovely pampering gifts and having a fabulous "girls day"!


Kathryn said...

Fantastic! What time does the party start?? :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG Violet, you are an artist for sure. The scarves that you used to dress up the chairs....what a great idea!!!

Have a fun, girly time this weekend dear one!


Brenda Leyland said...

Talk about gorgeous! She'll be wow-ed for sure!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello beautiful Violet!

Thank you for coming by and leaving a, the ARTISTE, of all people would understand the beauty of the texture of Vermeer's work. I have always loved his paintings, but when I saw the movie, it came to life.

I hope you wonderful party is off to a great start!

Bisous dear friend, Anita

Charlene said...

Adorable!!!!!!! I am sure everyone had a grand time at this shower. Your table is beautiful! I have the Tracey Porter Canister set in that same pattern. And I think I have a footed cake stand by her in storage! How funny that we both loved this pattern.

Thank you so much for your sweet words of comfort in the loss of my precious Reba. You were so sweet & comforting (having walked in these very painful shoes) when you shared your story. Now that you have a different dog than a Sheltie which is your favorite breed? I have always thought Afgahans to be beautiful. But, Reba was my 3rd Sheltie(my first little girl though). And also, thank you for the offer to do me something special. I will send you a few photos in a couple of days. Today is the first day in the 12 years we have lived here that I am in this house alone & THE HOUSE SCREAMS WITH QUIET! Her rugs are still there, the food bowl gone but, SHE is everywhere I look... yet no where to be found. My heart is broken & I feel so ALONE! Thank you again for your sweet spirit & your reaching out of friendship. HUGS! Charlene