Saturday, April 17, 2010


There are some birthday celebrations going on this month.
Anita is throwing a birthday party for us birthday girls.

Perhaps I will wear this gown
And some jewels of course.

... The larger the better ...

And silver glittery shoes?

Sadly, I only have one.

( Of each )

And a crown must be worn for the festivities!

To eat Anita's cake and pastries and such

Is it a masked ball?

Then of course I shall wear my Venetian party mask!

I shall be partying here the rest of the month.
Because birthdays should be celebrated at least that long.
And I will be doing a birthday celebration give-away
coming up soon!
Happy Birthday to all of us born in the lovely month of


xoxo!!! ~ Violet


Brenda Leyland said...

We're celebrating with you.... as I too celebrate this lovely month!

And I totally agree that a month is about the right length!

Wishing you much joy!

Lorrie said...

Celebrate with style! I know you will.
Happy Birthday Month!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YEAHHHHHHHHH! Oh Violet, sorry for being so late; Ruben was on the computer ALL DAY LONG for tax purposes, and I just got here, but girl, those shoes, and who cares if you only have one....SO DO I! I have many styles in just ONE! I change from time to time to display on of them in my bedroom. My bedroom is the most feminine room in the house, while the rest of the house is French, it is more medieval style in darker colors. Well, take that back, my studio and music room (where my harp resides, and it is topped by A CROWN!) is all in cream and gold!

Rock on my really know how to embellish and I love every single crown, bauble, shoe and gown!



Rosie said...

Hello Sweet Violet...thank you again for those heartfelt birthday greetings...I adore your site and will most definitely return after I have completed my mission...please keep in mind that it was our dear Koralee @ bluebird notes who has started this wonderful bit of fun...and we birthday girl need to stick together...I do however need to say two words...YOUR IT ! Please pop over to my site for more on Rosie

Diane said...

Violet, happy birthday! And thank you for the ideas for waxed paper. One gal suggested making copies of my coffee stained waxed paper so then I wouldn't have the problem of paint, etc. not adhering to it! Sounds good to me!!
Just goes to show...don't throw anything like this away!
Have a great birthday celebration!

Becca said...

Just wanted to stop over and say hello. I was in the DJ photoshop class with you and I saw you on Diane Knott's Musings. You are a very talented artist, and I love your paintings! Have a great week. Becca

Kathleen Ellis said...

Oh Violet! These shoes would be perfect visuals for an upcoming event I'm speaking topic..."Life is a Journey....Are You Wearing the Right Shoes?" they are awesome!
Have a beautiful week!
;-D Kathleen