Friday, April 2, 2010

There Seems to be a Theme....

Gardens. Flowing Dresses. Flowers.
Mothers and Children
Warm Weather and Beautiful Settings
Children Playing in Fields of Grass and Flowers
Often Near a Lake or Sea
And Have You Noticed
Another theme running through my paintings?
I never determined it to be so.
But there they are
A constant pleasure of my heart
A collected item that adorns my studio,
the bedrooms, my closet, fills a box in the garage,
and often is on my own head
especially at tea parties and luncheons
(too few these past couple of years)
and so many would be wonderful for Easter morning
at church with a flowery dress and my new apple-green shoes.
But I would be the only lady in a hat
and I don't want to be a spectacle
... So ~ Girlfriends ...
my birthday is coming up and we're going to all wear
Happy Easter Weekend!
The Lord is Risen and Lives Forevermore!
Put on your Easter Bonnet and Dance in Fields of Flowers!
(unless you are a man. In that case, please don't.)
~ Violet ~
(To view these and other paintings, please visit my website)


Anonymous said...

Oh my friend, I will gladly wear a hat in honor of your birthday! Even if I can't be there in body, my spirit will dance with yours, streamers flying!! Happy, wondrous Easter to you! Love, sue.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAR! THIS IS STUNNING! Hey, my birthday is April 23...any chance yours is too? Violet, I will be there with my hat, oh yeah, I'll be workin' that hat!!! BISOUS AND GOD BLESS YOU! Anita

Kate said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love hats too, but don't wear them anymore. Let us all know when your birthday comes around and we'll have a hat party!

Charlene said...

Beautiful paintings!!!! Your work always take my breath away. Your use of color is magic!!!!! I wanted to wish you a HAPPY EASTER dear friend. You are a blessing to me. HUGS! Charlene

When is that Birthday?????

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Violet!
How are you? It is always so nice to see your beautiful face grace my comment list! Thank you for coming by to share in my dreams for spring break! I am back in the classroom, and I want to continue my peaceful and relaxing spirit. Only two months left of school and AWAY WE GO to a summer of what I hope is a fun and productive summer of writing and illustrations.

Have a beautiful day, Anita

Teresa said...

And my hubby is ALWAYS wanting me to wear a HAT!!!
He would adore me in an Easter bonnet! ;o)

Teresa said...

Well hello there Violet!
Delighted to meet you!
So happy you popped over to Blooming on Bainbridge!
You are is scrumptious!
Can't wait to visit your site.
The paintings I see of your Afghan's are spectacular!
You live in the Pacific Northwest...
we are neighbors!
Nice to meet you and looking forward to following your blog and your art.
Happy Day!
Doogan and Teresa
Bainbridge Island

koralee said...

Thank you so so much for visiting me the other day...your blog is so lovely..and your so beautiful. The colours you use are breathtaking. Off to visit your shop. Hugs to you for a wonderful week. xo

Marilyn said...

Sweet paintings!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Happy Birthday...belated! I love hats, too...I do wish they were more readily available and worn!
I hope you had a FABulous b-day celebration!
;-D Kathleen