Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Last Christmas Decor Post

Today I walked around the house taking photos
~ before I begin to pack up the Christmas decor ~
I love this room, it is the center of our home,
open to the kitchen and dining room, with big comfy furniture
(just ask that afghan hound you see draped over the chair)
After I put away the RED and GOLD
Christmas decorations, the house seems so colorless,
It always makes me feel like painting the walls and bringing in more color,
and feels so.... empty?  Does this happen to you?
~  A view of the kitchen island  ~
and below, the outside of the house all lit up with lights.
I never want to say goodbye to the Christmas Season.
But once all the decorations are packed up,
(and the sparkle and dust is vacumed away)
I feel renewed and ready to begin a new year
New inspirations begin to unfold from the freshly uncluttered spaces.
What are your feelings as Christmas bids us goodbye?
Last night I took photos in the dark with the Christmas lights on,
trying out the 'night scene' setting on my new little camera.
~ The lights in the darkness is what I will miss the most ~

I am thinking I must keep some twinkly cheerful lights up
after the Christmas decor is gone...
~ yes ~
This morning we awoke to a mild winter wonderland of snow!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

We used to always remove our decorations on New Year's Day, but it always seemed too soon. Several years ago we started leaving them up the entire 12 days of Christmas, which means we leave them up now till the 6th. Those few extra days of enjoyment are wonderful!

Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment on my blog. Yes, I do believe my Songwriter is the same chap you used to go hear. I'll tell him you said hello!

Charlene said...

Violet, I wish the Christmas elves would hurry & come take Christmas decor away!!!! I HATE to clean it up. But, I LOVE it when it's gone. Like you it feels clean & uncluttered. HURRY ELVES!!!! Oh how I dread it. And to top off the problem... the lights in the center of the tree went out Christmas night & now I can't decide if I should get rid of the tree or restring it. Argggggggg Bah Humbug! Happy New Year!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my goodness...first of all, let me say how stunningly wild it is to see your GREAT ROOM BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT? I looks EXACTLY how our NEW GREAT ROOM IS GOING TO BE!!! It has the same vaulted ceiling, the same placement of the beams and the recessed lights, expect for we will not be able to have a fireplace, and the two windows on either side of your fireplace will actually be on our northern side. But the layout of the room is EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! I love how Dazzle is just strewn across that chair! Oh Violet, I so want to visit you!!!!

AND, to answer your question...I am pleasantly fatigued. Though we did not have a huge celebration, watching the builders, listening to them BANG on the roof to take off the old tiles and staple in the new has left me a bit fatigued! I do miss the glitter of my tree, but I did keep my sofa table graced with my cloches and fairies. SO YOU WATCH MISS CLARA! Isn't her home filled with such wonder? She emailed me once as I had asked her about her wares....she is in high demand however, and touching one of her works would break the bank. Sooooo.....I am on the hunt for air dry clay tomorrow on payday and I am going to attempt to make a fairy like the one Nancy made me and that I embellished. I just need to get this out of my system! AND have you seen the movie, Knight and Day with Cruise and Diaz? Well, Ruben was watching it the other night and though I am not a big fan of either of those actors, I had to look twice at what Cameron Diaz was wearing. I MUST WEAR THIS...and it resembles your header. She is wearing a darling little dress with a little tulle on the under skirt and she is wearing BOOTS!!!!!! I think you could pull it off too dearest....check it out. Do a Google image search and put in her name with YELLOW DRESS AND BOOTS and see what comes up. THis header of yours is my all-time favorite!

GOTTA GO before this comment gets too large to post! LOVE YOU, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOWOOWWWWW.....O.K., I am sitting here with my belly making flip-flops over the excitement of seeing that TIERED arrangement topped with THE CROWN and then THE GLITTERED SHOE!!! oh my goodness, you really know what you are doing here!!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!! Anita

Casa Bella said...

Hi Violet, I found your blog through Castles, Crowns and Cottages. Wonderful Xmas decor. It's so sad to take it down, isn't it? Have a happy new year!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HELLO PRECIOUS! I see you saw my Brazilian princess for Pat.....now...YOURS IS COMING TOMORROW! I will email you a sneak preview! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEEEHEE! YOu came to NOWHERE where we are all nuts! How we all stumbled into each other, I do not know, but that is where my Tea Rat and Rattus live and we like it, thank you very much. Dazzle is most welcome to try to tickle the 88s!!!! Now that, I would love to see!!!!

Have a great evening dear friend, Anita