Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Gift of a Hand-Made Book

(I decided to do two separate posts about these delightful gifts)
~ This arrived this past summer and I meant to post about it before now ~
 As I wrote in my previous post,
this past year Anita and I became friends through our blogs.
And One Day A Gift Arrived in the Mail
that filled me with
 A hand-made magical tag announced the gift inside
The wrapping enhanced my anticipation
and I slowly opened it to find this amazing hand-made book
This amazing Faerie Tale written and illustrated by
my lovely friend Anita of the Castles Crowns and Cottages blog

How I wish the glitter showed up better in the photos!
It is a sparkling delight and enhances every page
The photos do not do it justice,
as the paper and sparkle and raised brass decorations are gorgeous!
A beautiful story adorned with embellishments of crowns
and wings, leaves, birds, and words of
O  N  D  E  R

 Each page is lovingly made with Anita's own story and original artwork.

Hand-made lavender papers,
with a story that inspires hope and beauty.
Please visit Anita's blog  (click here)  and continue to be inspired
by her always beautiful, always encouraging posts.
Thank you Anita, for your gifts, not only of these delightful surprises,
but most of all, for the gift of your friendship
~ You are truly a treasure ~


Createology said...

Now I fear I am green with envy at your gifts so special from such a wonderful lady. Enjoy and cherish them forever...

Mad Quilter said...

I too am green with envy at such a special friendship and beautiful gift. Cheerish them both.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. Can you believe that this is the first time that I have a quiet moment to steal away, all to myself, to come to se this most humbling, yet uplifting tribute to OUR FRIENDSHIP. I am so touched, and it is THIS kind of acknowledgment that has INSPIRED in me, the message of my current post. It is YOU, ALL OF YOU that UNDERSTAND the need to create and BE who you are meant to be. It is an enigma, LIFE....people in the physical world don't seem to understand it when you ask them to visit your blog. They don't even make an effort to. Then you may even give them gift from your hands, light candles at the dinner table for them, and they don't want it or even care. But we bloggers, WE HAVE BLOGS because we need to express ourselves, and we are each other's audience. An artist needs SOMEONE to understand them or an artist simply dies. Thank YOU dearest artist, friend, sister, COHORT in GLITTER for giving me the chance to GIVE. This is a most amazing post, I will treasure this FOREVER....and will show it to Ruben who will indeed appreciate it.

It is not enough to say words day dearest, one day we too shall meet.


Kathleen Ellis said...

What beautiful creations!
Can I glitter with you today?! It sounds like such fun!
Happy Glittering!!!

Anne said...

I have just found Anita and her wondrous blog, and I love yours as well. This little book is so lovely!