Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paper Crowns and Glitter

This week was spent making Paper Crowns

There is just something JOYFUL about glitter and feathers
~ and jewels ~

My daughter came over one afternoon and joined in the
Glitter Fest

When I went to mail these 5 crowns
The woman behind the counter reached over to flick something
out of my hair ... a bit of glue and glitter was embellishing me

The women who will be receiving these crowns
are stepping out in faith into new lives

I became aware of this weeks "Oscar" inspired event
when a friend emailed me a link about it, which you can find HERE, it is called
"Furs and Feathers"
(It had me at the title  :  )
The Women of Vision Orange County
have organized this event for those at Isaiah House,
a shelter helping women in need, and were asking for
"silly wigs, boas, gaudy rhinestone jewelry, and outrageous hats"
(of which I do own many of each ...   don't even ask  ...)
for the women to wear as they received their awards
But there was an idea that formed in my heart to
"Make them crowns so they will know that God loves them"
"Beloved of the Lord"
Isn't is fun to realize that God can use glitter and more glitter
to sparkle His love on us?

Here are the backs of the crowns, adjustable sizes with ribbon ties
The verse inside reads,
He crowns you with love and compassion
and satisfies your desires with good things
so that your youth is renewed like the eagles.
Psalm 103:4-6
This verse has been on my heart and mind for the love it shows,
the Love that God has for each of us.
Like me, are you surprised at times to realize that God loves us so much
that He wants to satisfy our desires?
With Good Things!
And GLITTER is always a good thing  :  )
Who can you sprinkle with glitter this week?
~ Violet ~


Dianne said...

Oh. My. Goodness. !!!!!!!! Violet, somehow i knew this event was designed with you in mind, my friend ... how i would love to be a "little bird" watching the joy and excitement in those lovely women as they receive these treasured reminders of who they are and how dearly the Lord loves them... and has loved them through YOU! thank you, thank you!!! :-)))

Createology said...

Your crowns are so fun and glamorous and I love them. When I continued to read your post my heart felt such warmth by the reason you made these and why are sharing them with others. Happy Hearts to you...

Victoria Sayer said...

Such a fun activity, and such pretty crowns. God loves CROWNS(He says He will give us one, one day)...and GLITTER. Just look at the glittery sparkles on the ocean and in the snow.
That was so kind and thoughtful of you to create these crowns for those special ladies. Should be an interesting 'crown giving' event.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING DEAREST! WHAT A SATURDAY WE much moving, and FINALLY, we are moved into that room. We had our first tea ceremony last night and sat and watched a movie. The room really makes that TV we have seem like a movie theatre screen! I was so exhausted and today, MORE of the same. The house is a wreck and it will take weeks to get it back. I have a French armoire that I NEED to sell and get out of my dining room so we can have our dining room back...this post is perfect. CROWNS, GLITTER, a GOOD CAUSE for THE LORD'S much shinier can it get! LOVE IT, LOVE YOU, LOVE JESUS!!!! Now, back to the drawing board for me.....back later, Anita

Mystical Gypsy said...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest friend! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I had an extremely busy Sunday and was not able to visit anyone yesterday. But I will be back HOPEFULLY later tonight to catch up. I haven't touched my harp in 4 days, I haven't looked at my email in one day, which is NOT GOOD! I also slept in until 4:30am this morning which will really put me behind. I will come to visit you via email later. LOVE YOU! Anita

Privet and Holly said...

What an angel you
are to spend your
precious time making
something so lovely
for ladies that you
don't even know....
They are going to
L.O.V.E. these!! YES,
it is amazing when
you realize that the
Lord cherishes you,
just the way you are.
Happy Valentines Day,
xx Suzanne

Erika Roberts said...

Can I just say that you have given me the greatest inspiration for my upcoming Women's Retreat! We are doing the Wonder Full World retreat and my trip is on Europe and how we are all royalty. These crowns are perfect for my session with the ladies. Thank you! I hope the women are as excited about it as I am. ~ mishmashedme @ blogspot