Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mothers Embrace

A Mother's Tender Love
displays God's amazing grace
it is a love that does not pass away with time
but lives on through future generations
the warmth of
~ a loving embrace ~
 ~  and unconditional love  ~
 May you be blessed this weekend with lovely moments
~ or beautiful memories ~
of the woman who gave you
And if there is sorrow instead of joy,
may our God, who treasures your every tear,
hold your heart in His loving embrace.
Because not all of us have (or had) a home adorned with peace and beauty,
I know, because my own memories of childhood
contain difficult circumstances and broken lives.
But today I can
create beauty
and do what I can to be a blessing to all who enter my home,
~ or my blog ~
Thank you for visiting
~ be blessed ~

1 comment:

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My sweet Violet,

I had a magnificent day, and your email, like always, started me on a perfect day. I am soooooo tired at the moment, so I am off to bed, but will be back full swing tomorrow to tell you all about our wonderful outing today and finds.

Your words ring eternally true and deep here....all things are woven together in such a way that LOVE is the common thread that keeps us all bound for the journey of a lifetime....LOVE with HIM and those whom He has saved...

SOOOOOO GOOD TO SEE YOU MY FRIEND. LOVELY POST...see you in the morning, Anita