Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beach Cottages

Some photos I took on our beach cottage walk
while on vacation last week.
Striking, that pumpkin in the basket of the rusty blue bike
At the cottage with the bright green window trim

These cottage dwellers are most likely glad that most tourists
stay on the main road in town,
perusing the shops, bakeries, galleries and cafes
but oh what we would have missed
had we not taken to the alley-ways and back roads
not striving toward a destination
but just enjoying the adventure of the journey

I take photos of the same cottages every time we visit,
but, each time the light is a bit different,
the flowers always beautiful
In our home town I often overlook the beauty
of a window box or porch decor
as I breeze by in my car heading to my destination
but in leisurely walking the same route
often there are treasures of beauty to observe
There is an old garage in an alley,
once painted blue but now completely weathered.
Everytime I pass it I enjoy its texture and peeling paint,
the grey wood exposed
~  back to the beach cottages  ~

Gorgeous weathered wood

A favorite color

The purple trim on this cottage
always creates a smile in my heart and on my face

The hounds enjoy the cottage walk
but prefer the sand and ocean view

Yes, our beach has AQUA sand dollars !!!
(with chocolate inside, the best!)
I just know Anita is smiling at this.


Ann said...

All your images are all so lovely,

calm and dreamy ♥

Createology said...

Oh how I am enjoying your beach walk and photos. I love walking off the beaten path and seeing the little things that usually get lost in the rush of the day. I feel much more relaxed now...thank you very much.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I am loving this happy and super post which reminds me of my CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA!!! Oh, those weathered cottages but dearest, my favorite one is the one with the PURPLE TRIM and the TURQUOISE DRAPES and that stained glass above the DOOR! Then when I saw the aqua sand dollar, I thought, "WHAT???????" Then, I saw you caption! teeeheee, you are too much. THE HOUNDS always look so majestic, no matter where they are! WOW, no wonder you had such a great time; this was so stunning my dear! I missed this last night because I was trying to catch up on my comments!

Oh, I have another delicious day off and today, I am glittering!!!!

BACK LATER for another stroll on this aqua-sand dollar beach!!!! Anita

The Dainty Doll's House said...

So pretty, I'd love a beach cottage :) x

Martina said...

Amazing images violet - the pumpkin in the basket of bicycle is wonderful, and so is the cottage with purple trim. And - your doggies are the sweetest - give them a hug from me!

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Your photographs are lovely...
It makes you want to jump into each picture!
I had to laugh at your comment about Anita! HOW TRUE! :)
My favorite time of the year is Autumn...but these images make me wish for summer just for a little while longer...just beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Bilancia Designs

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Dear Violet,
My internet is back on and I am here to soak of the beauty of your beach town walk!! What precious pictures of a totally charming place! I love the pumpkin in the bike basket!! I wish I had thought of that...hey, it's not too late, huh? And as soon as I saw the aqua sand dollar, I thought she's gonna say...HA! And you did!!!
Happy weekend ,sweet friend,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU BET I AM SMILING....dearest, these photos, ALL of these photos, are PINTEREST WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!! That Dazzle with the blue sand dollar is a perfect mix of our WHITE and BLUE. YOU CAME TO MY GALLERY and guess what? I already sold TWO ITEMS!!!!!


Style Diaries said...

stunning shots

Gwendolyn said...

First of all.. I so want one of those sand dollars!
I love the pictures from your walk. How perfect is that bike with pumpkin?!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Look at all of those beautiful cottages! I can see why the purple trim tugged on your heart strings. The dogs look so majestic at the beach...and with their aqua sand dollar. tee hee.


ps: I am yearning for some beach time myself!!!