Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pondering Cake

The Royal Wedding Cake
I made for a party this past year in honor of William and Kate
(and a fun excuse to have the girls over to party all day
as we watched the Royal Wedding)
Has been adorning my studio ever since
(minus their photo)
I wrapped hat boxes with white embossed wallpaper
and hot glued all those flowers on.
It stands 40" tall to the top of the crown to the base of the cake stand,
and is 18" in diameter
I have been pondering it the past 2 days,
as I begin the process of packing up items to go into storage.
Oh, wait, let me back up!
We face two moves this year.
Shortly we will be putting our less than 5 year old house on the market,
and building another.  As much fun as it is to design a new dwelling,
this whole packing up and moving thing has me overwhelmed.
When this house sells we will move into an apartment
with much of our stuff in storage until the new house is completed.
Which is why I stare at things like that giant cake
with these thoughts going through my mind,
"Should I disassemble it? But I LIKE it, it's pretty
and I could use it for all my parties, royal or not!"
"Yes, that's true, but do you really want to store a giant cake?"
"Should I find a giant box to put it in?"
And it's not just the cake
It's looking at every item I own as I question if it's worth storing
and moving to another home. There is so much
involved, and besides this giant paper cake,
I have 2 art rooms (Yes 2, I took over another room)
filled to the brim with art supplies,
craft supplies, things I will need for when I make _____ and _____,
and OH!  I could use this for ___________,
I need someone to give me a kick and help me let go of things.
(except for my glitter collection, not that!)
I've even prayed about it.
I so don't want to cling to things
(...cake or no cake, cake or no cake...)
 "A womans life does not consist in the abundance of the things she possesses"
(paraphrased from scripture)
By this last move we'll make this year we will have moved 12 times
in our married life (5 times into homes we built)
With all this experience, I should be good at this
~ Packing, Unpacking, Saying Goodbye and Hello to Homes ~
(The saying hello is great, once the unpacking is done!)
It's just all the W O R K that gets to me!
{now, please excuse me while I go kick myself
and get back to work}
~ Do you have a task this year that you are dreading all the work involved? ~
(Remember, we can only eat that elephant one bite at a time.)


Createology said...

Oh dear what a lot of work you will be doing for this next phase. I say keep this lovely photo of the cake and then donate it to a worthy cause that will use it. With your talents making another is a "piece of cake"! I know easy for me to say however the effort of storing it is huge. You are amazing and may you have a Blissful 2021.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YES!!!! ONE DAY at a time, ONE BITE at a time, ONE PROBLEM at a time....

Seeing this cake gives me great memories of last year when THE WEDDING occurred; it incited so many ideas in many of us. But you will find the strength dearest, you will find the will to put all things away for a short time and then when it IS TIME to unpack, you will enjoy them all the more.

NOW OFF TO WORK! Soooo good to visit this beautiful post!! Anita

Palomasea said...

Dear Violet, like sweet Anita day at a time!
That is amazing..all of your moves!
I wish you clarity and peace of mind. What an exciting new start to a New Year! It is difficult, deciding which beautiful things to hold on to.
That cake is such a gorgeous would be tough for me as well!
Best wishes to you,
- Irina

C'est moi Claudette said...

Like I said. Randy and I have moved 12 times also, but prior to that I moved 14 times by myself. I started out with very little and accumulated a lot. Then when Randy and I left Vancouver, we liquidated everything. But I transformed things from junk to WOW, and truly didn't have a major attachment to things. The worst part was my animals. I had 5 cats, 6 bunnies and 4 dogs. THAT was the hard part. We kept the dogs but had the cats and bunnies adopted out.
We left Canada with 8 suitcases, 2 each and moved to the States. From GA. to AZ. I managed to fill a 4 bedroom house once again!!!!! We moved most of it back to Canada. We have GREAT garage sales every time we move too. I love purging. Now we live in a little 950 sq. ft. cottage and it's getting tight in here again. My basement is full to the brim and I would like nothing more than to be able to purge down there now, but we live in the country, and garage sales aren't very popular.
So I guess I would have to say keep what you really love and donate or sell what you know you can buy later. Have an open house with all your friends and put price tags on everything you want to go. You'd be surprised at how much your friends like your things ; )
May the force be with you on this one Violet.
I just told Randy I'm going to die in this house and that I"m NEVER moving again ; )

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Yes! I like that idea of donating it! But that is probably because it is YOUR cake, not MY cake!!!!!! I would probably hoard it, like I seem to do with everything!!!! Well, I have started weeding out. I'll have to email you my story of parting with treasures!!
Lots of love, and strength for the move! It is rejuvenating to start over, isn't it, dear Violet?
a bientôt,

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

And p.s. dear girl, what a GLORIOUS cake that is!!!!! You are very talented to Create such Beauty!!!
[Wouldn't that be a great name for a blog??? :))))]

Karena said...

Or one box at a time. I remember once when I started packing early when and all of a sudden the kitchen was piled to the ceiling with boxes!

Moving is simply a lot of work. I hope building the new home will be a fun and exciting adventure for you!

Your cake is gorgeous!!

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Martina said...

LOVE your cake - such a great decoration idea for any party - i must try this next time! Besides, i'm in the process of getting rid of things too - just sorted out 200 books! xx

Palomasea said...

Thank you, sweet Violet, for such a kind message. It's a blessing to meet so many wonderful, creative souls. You and precious Anita are the queens of kindness and sparkle!! :)))
- Irina

Ruben Rivera said...

Dear Violet,
You truly do create beauty and that is truly a marvelous "Butterfly Effect" in itself. I've seen it touch your friend, my wife, Anita, and me too through her.
Thank you.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning gorgeous one!

I feel so behind in my blogging this weekend; maybe it is just the events of this week that have thrown me for a loop. Your comment was so profound about that Butterfly Effect....I cannot even imagine life without you dearest. I just cannot. No matter what your father was going through, he managed to come back to your mother...then, YOU were brought into being. His decision has profoundly affected MY that NOT WILD to think of that?

God bless you this day; off I go to prepare for work. Back later! Anita

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Well moving so many times to smaller homes in the past helped me get over my need to keep my things that I loved. I read an article about Ali McGraw now 72 yrs thing she said that I found compelling was that she said after her home had burned down in a California brush fire with all of its contents, is that it helped her realize that she could be free of "things and stuff" and it was so freeing. In a way that must be true, although I do like my things! I loved your big cake, so could a friend hold onto it for you while you build?