Friday, April 20, 2012

What Do You See?

Last night I was looking at one of my art books
and there were two images like the ones below, the subject was
"Center of Interest"

What do you see in the images above and below?


In art the 'center of interest' is so important in a painting.
Our eye goes there.
Now, think of all the space around that center of interest.
It is much larger than the dot, yet what we focus on is the

This morning I had an epiphany
In our lives, we can have one person, one critical or mean thing said or done,
and it becomes our focus.
There could be 400 nice people in our lives,
but one critical word
What if, instead, we train our minds to see the larger area?
To not spend our time and energy
focusing on the
I shared this with my husband this morning,
I drew a black dot on a sheet of paper and asked him what he saw.
You know what he said.
We've experienced a person who has been 
...  no other word comes to mind but mean-spirited ... and it has so affected our thoughts
and peace of mind and happiness.

Yet there is so much more, a larger area to focus on.
My goal today is to do what this scripture verse says,
"...Whatever is true ... noble ... right ... pure ... lovely ... admirable ...
excellent or praiseworthy ... think about such things"
Philippians 4:8
Care to join me?
~ Violet ~

P.S. The positives of  having experienced a mean person:
1.   Could make for an interesting character in my daughters future novel.
2. Taylor Swift would never have written her hit song,
(Why do you have to be so) "Mean"
had she not experienced a certain person....


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I will join you for sure!! This post is awesome!! Loved it & it is true, one person can bring us down despite many lifting us up - we need to focus on that!! Happy weekend flower! Xx

Palomasea said...

I am joining you, dear Violet. A wise post, indeed...
So sorry you are experiencing this, but how right you are. The less attention and energy we put into the negative...the smaller that "dot" will become.

Thank you for this lovely post full of are a noble soul, sweet friend!
- Irina

BoholstWife said...

wonderful...i will carry this with me today.

Linda said...

Great thoughts! I'm glad I visited your blog today and I will try joining you. I just need this concept tattoo'd on my forehead. ;)
God Bless!

Createology said...

Thank you Violet. I shall begin to focus on the larger good and not the one mean dot that is so small in the world. Why do we all have that one mean dot taking over our focus? Out Damn Dot!!! I shall remember your lovely post of today and carry it with me from now on. Peaceful weekend dear...

C'est moi Claudette said...

Violet, I was with Sister when we read your post. She read it out loud. She had to reflect and look at the pictures again.
I have chosen to rid myself of negatively in my life. And that is why my life has sweet people in it like SISTER and you and Anita and and and. ..
I do not let negativity in. I hope you find your balance.
Sister wanted me to tell you, and hope you don't mind, that she sent your sweet gilded sparrow you gave me to one of her sister nuns in Brazil. I told her I'm sure you would be ok with that. I was kind of sad, because it was special, and hung in her room, but she is a Sister of Charity. She wears her name well wouldn't you say?
Sending you hugs this evening my dear friend.
I must say I was surprised to read this though.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My darling friend,

Internet problems and late night after school kept me away from seeing this most WONDERFUL POST and responding to your email.

This post is RICH in thought, in life lesson, and with sweet comments here from the greatest of friends. BONJOUR CLAUDIE!!!! BISOUS!!!

Life is such a balance, and like a trained artist, we must always know WHEN to change focus on the multiple canvas textures, color choices and mediums....On Irina's blog, she had a wonderful quote the other day from an artist whose name escapes me, having to do with rather than focusing on the WHOLE LANDSCAPE, but rather zooming in on the blade of grass, the tiny insect and so on.....however, I agree that in life, we must use WISDOM only from the Master Artist to distinguish WHEN we focus on the dot and when to focus on the rest of the story. BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS MY DEAR, and a timeless word of wisdom to carry us through this life where GOOD FRIENDS are in such abundance.