Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Here to There

~ The Pretties are Packed ~

As are the Gowns

Books and Art Supplies

Ribbon Galore

... Easel and Works in Progress ...

~ Beads and Trinkets ~

... Lace and Feathers ...

Farewell to this Studio!
Packing up an entire house and decor is one thing.
~ But add to the mix an artists studio ~
For years I worked in watercolor.
Paper and Paints
don't take up too much room.
But now that I've forayed into mixed media,
collage, designing miniature theatres,
faux cakes and cake toppers
and numerous other fun projects
let's just say
I"ve got a few more supplies on hand
than in former days.
I have spent the last month touching everything I own
and deciding what to keep or donate or toss
And I am happy to say I'm just about finished.
After I accomplish my newest 5 page list
in the next two days that is.


C'est moi Claudette said...

WOW Violet, that sure is an overwhelming task. Your new home will be sooo happy to see all these treasures.
I can't wait to see the progress.
Love you

Palomasea said...

Oh, it is exciting, though, to start fresh...
You had my dream studio, dear Violet, but I know your new place will be terrific!
Hugs to you,
- Irina

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That is a lot to do, but quite exciting as well!! I hope you get it all done and enjoy your new place, how wonderful!! xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DEAR HEART! I am finally here. I will get to email TONIGHT for I am running late here but WOW what a great show of your old digs getting ready for the new. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see your chandies in a new spot!!! You are one of the best equipped artists I have ever seen!!!!

BEST OF SUCCESS to you in these next several days as I know you are literally moving so quickly! LOVE LOVE LOVE, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET! Oh, talk about CRAZY.....I am over here with TOOTHPICKS on my eyes as I type at 5:30am.....I am not sleeping much; I have too much on my mind with the end of the school year. NOW YOU are in a HUGE transition now my dear, and I thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog post. Life is crazy now but will slow down for both of us. I cannot wait for the Paris post and then to hear more about your project!!! LOVEYOU Anita

Createology said...

Oh how very bittersweet. Not just to pack up your beloved belongings but to sort through them and decide what to keep is very difficult. Your new studio will be even more wonderful than the one you are leaving. Blessings...

Palomasea said...

Thank you so much, dear Violet, for visiting me...I am always so happy to see your messages!
I know you are so busy right now...there are many transitions happening it seems. I hope the process has some wonderful elements and joyful moments for you!
Looking forward to flying to Paris with dear Anita and friends!
Take care, sweet Violet...
Hugs and love,
- Irina

Leslie said...

Sounds like a move is in progress. What a beautiful collection of art supplies and I imagine the daunting task of packing up .. and what to bring!


Privet and Holly said...

Imagine the purging
is rather freeing.....
whittling it down to
that which is useful,
beautiful or sentimental!
{Or better yet, all three!}
Best of luck in your summer

xo Suzanne

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Violet, I cannot begin to imagine such a task for such a studio, but a fresh start awaits and that in itself is so invigorating.
LOVE your use of tiny salt shakers for glitter. I confess you have given me no choice but to be a copycat and do the same. Inspiration to blame. :)
Have a lovely Saturday.