Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rainier Cherries and House Progression

Does anything say summer as much as a bowl of
I suppose WATERMELON and corn on the cob
and ICE CREAM CONES are contenders,
but large Rainier Cherries are so absolutely
D E L I C I O U S!!!

~ If there is food out, you know who's gonna be there ~
His favorite summertime snack
{besides BBQ'd meat that is}
is watermelon
{But I didn't take a photo of that}

Would you like to see the progression of our home building project?
...If so, scroll down...
See how I am using a red font
that matches my red jacket and scarf?
And how I match those cherries? Which is getting us away from the subject, sorry...

Concrete slab which when stained and finished will be our floor

This photo is deceiving, it looks like our house is on a private lane
in the country
There is a little bit of country from this angle of our back view,
with sheep bleating and roosters crowing, I love it!
The house actually has homes on either side, 10 feet away,
and is a block from town.
~ We will live in Town and Country ~

People are joking about how many skylights there are throughout the house

We want to allow as much light as possible
as there are often grey rainy days
Look at how that floor shines!
It's because it's wet!
Now there is a roof
and it can't rain in our house anymore.
... I was in there sweeping the puddles ...

Lots of windows facing the back.
High windows on the side, facing the neighbors house,
with privacy 'reed' glass.  TV will go on that wall.
I didn't have a good photo of the dining room, but it's not much to look at yet.
Below is the kitchen
(You can tell because I labeled it 'kitchen')
There will be cabinets and a sink and appliances and an island.
...It will probably be prettier then...
(Probably?  Definitely!)
Picture white cabinets with glazing
with island cabinet in maple.  Granite countertops to still be chosen.
Painted mill work throughout the house, in an antique white.

There are other rooms, but I doubt you'd enjoy seeing more framed walls.
The siders are working as I write this, and by Saturday that will be done.
Below is a photo of the street where we will live this Autumn.
I am designing my new studio
and am excited at the light and the view of the barn and pasture.
... envisioning sheep paintings in the future ...

~ So, this is it for now ~

My husband designed the home (with my ideas joining in)
and he is being the contractor and superintendent
while working full time at his regular job,
Director of Architecture
for a large home-building company.
He is the reason all of this is happening,
and I am in awe of his abilities and talents.
{but my Dear One, can we live here a long time?  Moving is not fun!!!}
We did this also five years ago and I was not prepared for moving again so soon!
(actually moving twice this year, the first one into our rental a few weeks ago)
I hope you enjoyed the tour, it really helps me to see the progress
from dirt stage to roof all on one page!
It appears to have happened so fast
~ Violet ~


Mimi said...

I loved your tour!!!MY Sis and her SOn and his family all live in the Pacific NW so I understand rain and clouds...I hear about it often as we melt in this heat!!!Of course in the winter I am Out and about and they are Cold and wet!!!But it is beautiful there...and I love your view and the street. Moving is Not fun...I hate it...we have had 4 houses in 36 years of marriage......we lived in 2 rentals while waiting for houses to be not to bad.....I do think moving keeps you clutter free though!!!
I now want a bowl of cherries!!!looks so good!!
hugs 2 U,

C'est moi Claudette said...

WOW I loved the cherries and your pup, but I'm in Awwww of the progress already Violet!!!
Looks fab and big and wonderful. I know it's been raining on your parade, but it looks like the rain isn't stopping the building process.
Thanks for the tour. I can't wait to see more.
Believe it or not our family has moved 15 times. We loved it, but now, I'm staying put at the cottage.
I hope your summer comes soon Violet.

Martina said...

Wow, Violet, the reds are exiting and so is that new home of yours! Am wishing you many happy years to come in that GORGEOUS house! Cheers to summer!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear sister...
YOU ARE A RIOT! I laughed when I saw DRIFTER in the background scoping out that food! I also laughed because I have eaten pounds upon pounds of cherries so far, to the point of spiking my blood sugar! Yikes, I must practice self control!

OK. Your home is going to be stunning. I see you have a stove hood very similar to mine and your GRANITE COUNTERS are going to be magnificent. You studio is going to bring you a tickling sensation as you prepare to DESIGN IT!!!! Can I go visit you? Oh that is my dream my dear. EACH DAY is inching closer to more progress. Every time I see our new addition, it reminds me of how fast our dreams come and then get accomplished.

Well my dear, off to start the day with MY GUY who also has projects up his sleeve! LOVE YOU! Anita

Holly Loves Art said...

Love the gorgeous cherries pix! The one with your beautiful afghan hound in the background is just so wonderful! Happy summer!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I just felt like coming for another bowl of cherries!!!!!! And to see your new digs...I wonder what you did today....Anita

Palomasea said...

Yes, more cherries please! heee...
Love your sweet fur baby in the back..scoping things out...fabulous.
Violet, the progress is amazing!
This will be a stunning home, and I adore all of the light you're letting in there..
Beautiful view of the evergreens, and what a dream to have roosters and sheep in the neighborhood!
An exciting process indeed...
Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!
- Irina

Charlene said...

Oh Violet it's going to be amazing!!! We built the house we're in 13 years ago & I remember it well when I saw those photos of the slab! I can't wait to see the progress. I'll be back to check on you. ENJOY the process my dear! The packing & unpacking STINKS! HUGS! Charlene