Monday, August 27, 2012

S P A R K L E like crazy!

~ Let's Talk Chandeliers ~

These past few months I've been on the search for unique lighting
for the home we are building

My husband came around, agreeing to
and I've visited all my favorite
antique and vintage flea market shops
looking for fabulous lighting for several rooms

Above left, for my studio.  The middle one is for my walk-in closet,
and the one on the right is going in the powder room.
The two photos below are of the one that will go in the kitchen


These babies are going in the laundry room
{another photo of them is further down, but first take another
look at the kitchen chandy}

Oh the Sparkle!
~ there were rainbow prisms reflecting on the walls and ceiling ~

These lights for the laundry room I just found a few days ago
and were quite the bargain!
{... I just hope they will give off enough light ...)

I've been cleaning and shining these crystals,
re-attaching some that fell off between the shops and my home,
and preparing them to be hung this coming Thursday.
I plan to be there while the electrician works,
with a blanket under his ladder to catch any that might fall off
I hope he handles these with care!
(he has no idea what he is in for)
{Nita, if you are reading this, I too am rich in chandeliers and dogs}
I am using the vintage crystal chandelier
that was in my previous home's studio
in the master bath over the tub.
Two others I kept and spray painted,
one heirloom white for the guest room,
and one black for the bedroom.
I kept my former dining room chandelier
that I found at a flea market shop.
There will be a chandelier in the entry way that we
purchased at an actual lighting store {gasp!}
My husband has come a long way
from where he once was on the lighting road
{the road that had can lights in every ceiling}
This is the house of chandeliers and skylights
and I am giddy with excitement!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said... know I love them! That is quite the collection! They are all gorgeous. Yes, you are rich!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AND I AM GIDDY WITH YOU!!!!!!!! VIOLET....HE has come a long way down the path of light! teeheee......

I feel so excited for you and THIS THURSDAY? THIS THURSDAY IS THE DAY THEY GET HUNG??? I knew September was going to be a fabulous month. This is YOUR MONTH to perfect that new nest of yours and may I say that your walk-in closet chandy looks like a CROWN!!!!!!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Violet, what can I say.. These are just beautiful!!!
Thank you for your visit and kind thoughts.
I can't wait to see them all hung up...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET! YOU CAME to see me....oh, that was just a "heads up" post to let my readers know that I am still around, but waiting for the new template. Debby is fabulous, and she is making it possible for my photos to be even larger, more font options and a nav bar that will eventually link to a WEBSITE...I want to eventually sell my wares on my own site. But in the transition period, I will link to my Etsy shop and provide a profile that will hopefully can include a slide show of my work and what I can do.

We shall see!

Oh how I am loving these chandeliers. I cannot wait for SEPTEMBER!!!!

Holly Loves Art said...

We can never have too much sparkle in our lives! Lovely!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... SPARKLE LOVE beyond the chandy light....I cannot believe how quickly you came to my new post! DID I EVER HAVE A HARD TIME making sure the measurements were correct on my header!!!

What fun are you up to today? It is gloriously sunny out today and I am going to CLEAN MY CHANDIES TOO! Off to email now...Anita

Palomasea said...

Beautiful, sparkling friends here!
Dear Violet, these are all exciting for you!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend...
- Irina

Anne said...

I am addicted to sparkly things! What a lovely collection. Your home will be full of light.