Friday, November 23, 2012

Studio Angels and Decor

The studio is now empty of boxes
and I can walk into this room now and actually enjoy it

To finally get to decorate it and make it into a room of
{... and to begin making art again after moving and unpacking ...}

This lovely peacock was in the Christmas section of a shop
and it went so well with my colors.
~ I guess it's a Christmas Peacock! ~

A few months ago before we moved I was making peacocks,
and now I see them everywhere.  I don't suppose I started the trend,
since no one ever saw mine.

There's a part of me that wants to get all the Christmas bins out
and get to decorating the house.
And then there's the part of me that says it feels too much like
~ which I've been doing the past 2 months and I'm tired of it~
I hope my Christmas Inspiration wins out!

How about you?
Have you decorated? Or almost ready to?
Are you going all out, or is this the year to
s i m p l i f y?

~ Violet ~


Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Violet for adding beauty to my night. Thank you for sharing with me your comment.

Your studio is beautiful and the angels divine, the peacock on the crown makes for such beauty in a vignette for Christmas holiday to come.

See you and your beauty and all you will inspire with a Merry Christmas.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AM HERE and I am sighing for two reasons:

YOU ARE FINALLY DONE and can enjoy this room... is such a GRAND SPACE, fit for my queen. LOOK at that chandy, that crown, those reliefs; I can only try to imagine what it feels like to sit there, lounge there and think of what your next artistic move will be! Oh this is when I wish I had money, to just GO and pop in on you, sit in your studio, discuss ideas and make things. Dearest Violet, your space if perfect for YOU and me!!!

BRAVO!!!!!! Anita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Violet,
You know how I feel about angels, so you can only imagine where my mind is right now.. Your room is just breathtaking... Is that your relief work up there?

Thank you so much for your most welcome visit and very kind words.
I hope your thanksgiving was a joyful one.
Penny p.s. Love the peacock on the crown

Anne said...

Your studio is truly inspiring of creating beauty! and the peacock is my favorite decorative piece of what you're showing. I saw a full size stuffed peacock on someone's blog once and it was amazing! though i'm not one for taxidermy usually...

i put my tree up a few days ago, but nothing else yet. I just love the sparkle and lights of the tree.

Happy Holidays!

Palomasea said...

What a beautiful, enchanting space, dear Violet! That peacock is gorgeous...
Thank you so much for coming by...I'm so happy that your Thanksgiving was wonderful...we had my dad and sister it was cozy.
How fun to be able to enjoy your new studio...I'm sure the Christmas decorating will win...all the sparkles...! :)))
Much love,
- Irina

Createology said...

Your decor is beautiful and elegant and unique. I love the peacock with the crown. Your home is warm and lovely. May you enjoy your season of holiday bliss. Blessings...
Ours will be simple and comfortable.

Mystical Gypsy said...

Beautiful Beautiful! I love seeing the pictures of your new home & how you decorate.

Speaking of decorate - I'm simplifying the Christmas decor this year. 2 days before Thanksgiving we finished remodeling our kitchen & living room. It was like building a house, packing, unpacking while living in it the whole time. Now that it's back together, I want to enjoy it!

Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

Hello Violet,
Wonderful post and Thank you soo much for stopping my Sherry's and my Blog.
Violet you will not believe this...but I raise peacocks,so I do put fake ones on my tree and everywhere else...LOL. They are so gorgeous.But believe me they do have their down side.I also rase white and pie colors.
I just love your Christmas Peacpck.It stunning,thats for sure.
You also have a gorgeous Blog.
May God bless,
Marie Antionette

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

I LOVE favourites :))) Such gorgeous birds. Your studio is wonderful and inviting :)) So lovely. I hope you have a great week ahead :) xx

La Femme Nouvelle

Ann said...

I love angels,
I also have a little collection of them from figurines to fashion accessories.

And love your Christmas peacock.