Thursday, February 14, 2013

That First Kiss

how many kisses ago was it?

that first touch of the lips,
beginning as light as a feather

that grew into a life shared

...Remembering it today with candles and feathers...

He was a friend of a friend

and a group of us did many things together.
We saw each other often, as a part of a small church
 filled with many our age.
Inner-tubing down snow packed hills in the winter,
and picnics at the park in the summer.
~ F R I E N D S ~
before too long I began to think of him as more than a friend.

Friendship seemed a wide chasm too huge to cross

~  u n t i l   t h a t   f i r s t   k i s s  ~

do you remember yours?

Happy Valentines Day!
~ Violet ~


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh yes, I do remember that first kiss....and the steamy truck windows, too.

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Violet!!!


Createology said...

That first kiss and steamy forever. Beautiful post. Happy Valentine Hearts...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD EVENING MY DEAR! It is late here and unfortunately, Ruben had to work late tonight, the day that we met, 33 years ago in church! YES, we met on Valentine's day....I will never forget it ever.

That feather boa is FANTASTIC and every time I see your home, I just get so happy.

Blessings to you my precious sister! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET !!! You have had a wonderful weekend and yes, by the looks of those fabulous photos you sent, you had a marvelous and dreamy time. Thank you for strolling on over to my translation post! Aren't those photos of the water just wonderful?