Monday, March 18, 2013

Where Inspiration Dances

Pale turquoise ruffled and fur pillows,
upon a zebra print settee

Sheer curtains of soft white tulle

Dress forms, a vintage desk, display shelves and an easel
for this room where I create,
surrounding myself with light, calm and beauty.

 And a sparkling vintage chandelier,
with studio dog {or two} of course

The soft tulle curtains are from Ikea.
"Lill" and come two to a package, 110 x 98" each panel,
and cost only $4.99 a pack!  I needed more after
my visit there and found them available on the website
and ordered two more packs for another window.

The long window wall above has 12 panels
(6 packs for $30! Love love love it!)
I wanted many gathers to block viewing in,
yet to allow all the light to flow into this room.
The rods are also from Ikea and nothing matches
the price!  For the velvet curtains below (same store)
I used a 1/2 inch metal pipe from the electrical isle
at Home Depot ($2.00!) as the previous rod was
not strong enough and was bending from the weight.

This room opens into a smaller room with a craft table,
(on wheels so I can roll it into the larger room)
computer cabinet, art supply closet and tv
where often episodes of Downton Abbey are playing.

In previous studios
more supplies were visible
but this time, I am finding that I am more inspired
with less items cluttering my mind and soul when I work.

In my next post I'll show the closet interior
where I am organizing all my supplies.
(and a fun ribbon hanger)

We built this home last year.
My previous art studios have been so varied.
(we've moved several times over the years)

A room like this is not necessary to create,
I've worked in a small cluttered basement where I had to
step over boxes to get to my art table,
and on the kitchen counter.

~ So this spacious room is a wonderful retreat ~
where music plays and inspiration dances

Joining Becky at Timewashed for

Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

~ Violet ~


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Such a gorgeous the pillows and fabrics!! You created a wonderful place to go to :)) I love it! Have a sweet week xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am refreshed and so inspired by your creativity, but to see where it all starts is a special treat. I LOVE THOSE AQUA DRAPES! My dear, it is always the spirit and person behind all the beautiful visuals that calls me and you have blessed my heart over the last five years. I am honored to call you my sister. Oh how fabulous this morning is to be here with you, and a shaggy dog! Anita

Palomasea said...

Dear Violet, enjoy this heavenly happy for you...
Love to you (and a sweet sister I see above!)

Erika Roberts said...

Wow! That is a beautiful settee and the pillows..... wow! Just lovely!

Something Special said...

Light, calm and beauty are great to have in a place where one creates.
Love the space and the Chaise!

Mystical Gypsy said...

Oh my goodness! Trying not to be jealous, haha! Seriously, I don't think I would ever leave that room. Beautiful space. Beautiful art. AND best of all, beautiful artist!!!!

Createology said...

Oh Violet your room is as stunning as I imagine everything about you. I am speechless at the serenity and beauty of your space. Blissful Dear...

Tina Lou said...

Wow, what a wonderful space for you to create in!
I'm so happy that you have a studio dog...I have a few myself.
I found you thru Timewashed and know I will love visiting your blog.

The Happy Chance said...

Your studio space is amazing! I love its vintage and romantic feel to it. I can see how that workspace would be so inspiring.