Friday, April 12, 2013

Playing With Clay

This little bunny
could not resist the carrot cake
...or the pink frosted cookies...

The fairies were having an afternoon tea
but that silly bunny hopped right onto the table
to steal the treats!

A bit of whimsy
inspired by a little story I'm writing.

The bunny is 1-1/2 inches long, made of sculpey clay.
The carrot cake and cookies made from paper clay,
with pink glitter frosting {yum!}

I've been working in my studio this week on some
beach/ocean oil paintings ... but took a little time to play....
cookies anyone?

~ Violet ~


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


OK, I am off to a very late start since I worked all week in the classroom. I think it tuckered me out a bit!

You are making me itch to PLAY!!!!!!

I wish you were close by to show me how to use this clay; I tried ONCE to use a type of air-dry clay but my object broke and I gave up on my ideas. But look at this little rascal! He looks like "Carlos", a resident rabbit we have in our garden that is EATING OUR TREES! YES! I caught him eating the lower half of one of the arbor vitae yesterday. He always comes out when we are preparing our dinner. He must hear the clanging of the pots and gets hungry! teehehehee

Oh how I thank you for coming to visit me and my little blue coat. HAPPY POETRY MONTH!

Love you friend. Anita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

ahhhhhhhhhh Violet! Love your bunny and yummy goodies.. I see you are talented in several areas of the arts! I had no idea you worked with clay.. He is just adorable!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Palomasea said...

These are all so darling, Violet!!
Have fun creating, sweet friend!
You, along with the two remarkable women above, inspire me so!!
Love and blessings,
- Irina

"Create Beauty" said...

In response to your comment Penny, you are the sculptor, I am not too talented with clay but enjoy playing with it! I almost didn't post this little guy after seeing him enlarged in a photo on the screen, since he looks much better in his tiny size in the fairy garden : )

~ Violet

Lynnie @ Vintage Gal Style said...

Hi Violet,

Love your little bunny and cookies...oh so sweet.