Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shine Like the Midnight Moon

Last night after falling asleep, it was a bit after midnight, 
I heard one of our dogs doing his little bark at the sliding doors,
demanding, "Let me out!"
It starts out quiet and then gets more persistent
so I've learned to just get up and deal with it right away.....

As I let him out I stepped outside and wondered if the neighbors got a new bright yard light.
I walked further out to see if that was what was making it so bright outside,
enough to create shadows from the trees on the yard. 

I looked up, and the moon was shining like a photo strobe, bright and clear!
I was mesmerized,
and was thankful I was forced to get up,
to see this beautiful and inspiring moonlit night.

And I marveled at how that moon up there, has no light of its own,
but merely reflects the light of the sun.
and so magnificently
early this morning.

After returning to my pillow, my thoughts turned to
the scriptures that define Jesus as being the light of the world,
and how believers reflect the Light of Christ
in a dark world
like that glowing moon up in the night sky.

Some days it will seem like our light is filtered as through a haze,
but there will be moments of beautiful unadulterated
P U R E bright and excellent L I G H T
that others will see ~ enthralling their hearts,
with an eternal effect,
even though many times we won't even realize it's happening.

We don't have to earn it or try to turn it on,
it's just there by His grace,
from walking with Him,
the light can't help itself from reflecting off of our hearts and lives.

I woke up desiring to capture what I saw
and came up with this little mixed media painting,

which is now in the mail and on its way
as a birthday gift for a friend who
shines the Light so beautifully.

"Midnight Moon" by Violet Skiles

Glitter-embellished prints of this painting
will soon be available on my website.

Media:  collage with various papers and a portion of a hymn,
acrylic paint, gouache, soft pastels, and of course,

This is what I began with:
the beginnings of a collage on a 5x7 canvas board.
Sometimes I will just play around
with papers and paint,
then put them away, only to discover them again
when I'm ready to go further.
It is wonderful to have little collages to get inspired by,
and this one became so much more today.

( this time that dog had to suffer, because
I was so inspired I had to finish this
before I fed the dogs or even
took a shower.
You would not want to see me at work
in my studio this morning!!!)

Note to my dogs:  even though I loved seeing the moon last night,
I'd really like to get a full nights sleep more often.


Mystical Gypsy said...

Beautiful post! His light most definitely shines thru you, Violet.
Love the collage!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teehee....yes, I agree that Dazzle and Drifter need to let mom sleep a little longer!

Oh Violet, I cannot agree with you more about the magic of the moon. I too was surprised the other night as I ascended my stairway to go to bed; there was such a brightness in the sky and I had wondered if I left the arbor light on. As I got to the top of the stairs, there it was. I always thank GOD for the moon, because it is such a wonder. All I think of is the scripture in Genesis where it's stated, "...and I'll give you a light for day and one for night.." how brilliant is that? For Him to provide each detail and that there is a pull of gravity that not only keeps the earth and the tides in check, but also pulls our interest?

Your art work is precious, just stunning, and the recipient is going to just LOVE IT, as I love every piece I hold dear from your hands. LOVE TO YOU my dear and marvelous friend. Anita

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So beautiful, every thing. I do love the moon :)) xx

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Violet,
Your paintings take my breath away.
They are exquisite! So peaceful. I love your choice of colors and the texture.

The moon has always been such an inspiration to me also..

Thank you so much for your very kind words on little Peanut.
I appreciate it more than I can say.

Burlap Luxe said...

Artistically poetic beauty,
Soulful and so Nordic with the calm of winter approaching.
Funny what puts us in the mood that simple thoughts and word fill our heads
I too love working with mixed media altering everything that touches my hands. Be it paper, homemade plasters, woods, paints there's just so many words trapped in art.

Thank you violet for taking the time to visit me, it's always a treat to visit here with you.

I am off to see what else I have missed here.
I am working on mixed media crosses, some already sold in my etsy, hope to fill it up with new pieces today and all the tomorrow's ....

Lots of inspiration to you my friend.


jennifer anderson said...

wonderful thoughts!