Friday, October 11, 2013

Glam Pumpkins

Diamond Studded Solid Gold Pumpkin

{or not}

The gold spray paint worked beautifully!
After turning a big orange pumpkin into Cinderella's carriage
(two posts back)
I just had to paint a little one

and tiny pumpkins are growing in the fairy garden!
(I made with Sculpey clay)

A dollar store pumpkin painted aqua

a little pumpkin painting

and another embellished sweatered pumpkin
sent to a friend for her birthday

and lastly, my white "Romantic Pumpkin" display

Next time I will share the little Cinderella Carriage Theatre,

and I've also captured some images
of the fairy godmother
{er, I mean, the Hairy DogMother}
who turned the large pumpkin into a golden carriage!!!

~ Violet ~


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THERE YOU ARE! It is the weekend, and this is my treat, to come here early in the morning before all the action happens.

This morning at my house, two of my French teaching colleagues are coming over for a monthly meeting we are required to have. So rather than do it after school, we decided to have the meeting in a more relaxed setting....CHEZ MOI! (my house!)

OK.....that golden pumpkin. MY OH MY....have you struck again my dear. I thought of you early yesterday morning as I quickly visited some blogs when I stumbled across one where the blogger shared a pumpkin that she made from an old sequined party gray. WOW.

Now my friend, you have got me thinking about "Halloween"...with my large white pumpkin at my hearth, I am going to make a Cinderella theme around my hearth in some way, and maybe even TRY to make a blog post out of it....I have to think about this one.....

ANYHOOOOOO, love, love that golden pumpkin and your aqua one. Thank you as well for walking through streets of falling gold to come and visit me. LOVE YOU!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those are amazing, so beautiful!! I love them xx

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh what a beautiful pumpkin display! I must admit my favorite is the romantic display at the bottom. Beautiful Violet, just beautiful!

Createology said...

How lovely your pumpkins are. The gold is elegant with all of its jewels. I adore the aqua pumpkin as it is so unexpected. Very sweet white ones you have on display. BOO-tiful dear...

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh WOW!!! These are all so very beautiful! The first gold one is truly divine. What a beauty! Thanks so much for sharing.