Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Importance of Play.

is the highest form of research
~Albert Einstein~

I think we need to participate more in this type of research!

kids do it naturally
{and they bring out my playful spirit}
do you have girlfriends to go out and play with?

I am blessed with several
It's not unusual to get a phone call or text asking,
"Can you play today?"
What a time we have when our play schedules collide
and much fun and laughter ensues.

(for research purposes only you know)

"L" at a favorite vintage clothing shop we enjoy

Adorn yourself with your inner Queen or

and consider what Albert Einstein said:
Creativity is Intelligence

{as she considers Albert Einsteins wise words}

Be Rich in Play my Friends!

"Those who know how to play
can easily leap over
the adversities of life"
~ Igloolik Proverb ~

We need friends
who know how to play and laugh
to keep our neurons thriving!
~ To further science of course ~

~ Violet ~


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AND YOU are the queen of PLAY, forever.

Violet, I am laughing, squealing, and enjoying every minute of this day with you, Jeri Landers, Penny and anyone else with whom I am emailing.

I have got to have a conversation with you about your photos....oh dear, this is so good.

From the little girl in her aqua shoes to the big girl kissing the goose (or duck), they are all scientists of the highest order, for they have learned from the master genius and child at heart (Einstein, we love ya babe) that this is how discovery begins. I love this and I wish we could create a book on this subject!

Back in email...you made me swoon.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I also love your references to elevate research, "...for scientific purposes, of course!" thahahahhahah

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sorry, but I just had to come by again....I want my neurons invigorated by your companionship, for research purposes, of COURSE! teehe

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh violet, what fun! I love to play... What a great post.. Love the quotes... How true they are.
Thank you for giving me a smile today.

Susan said...

This post just made me happy :) I am going to be sure that I play today!

Charlene said...


I am blessed with so many wonderful friends to "Play" with but, lately... no play for me :(
We are busy with a huge kitchen remodel. But, February brings 2 brave friends from California & Washington to visit the MESS & MAYHEM! Next time I'm in Seattle I'll try to hook up so you & I can "PLAY" at least one day. Last trip had 3-8 of us together which gave no time to hook up with others in the area! HUGS!

Createology said...

Play is the best form of therapy! To be able to play with like-minded friends is a blessing indeed. Fabulous quotes and images dear...

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

How sweet of you to come and meet Oliver.. I am so happy you enjoyed him and his wee companion.
Thank you for your kind words.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love it...play is so important!! Ever since a child, I have loved dressing up and pretending, my oldest loved it growing up too and my youngest now too...and my oldest will join in as well, even if she tries to pretend she is too old ;) I think it's important to keep that excitement forever, no matter what age, it can help you through all things!! xx

Kate said...

Dear Violet
So true and so fitting for all of us girls to play. Beautiful photos and imagery. hope that the new year has been filled with blessings for you so far. Much Love Kate xoxo

Martina said...

Sweet pictures! And - yes, you're so right Violet! Time to play - this weekend - YAY! Cheers to a lovely one!

Erika Roberts said...

I feel like I have a few friends and family that I can 'play' with. I have to admit the hardest part as an adult to let go of the worry and wonder if people will make fun of you. Sharing because people need to read this... Thank you! : )

Palomasea said...

AMEN! How blessed you are, dear Violet, to have precious people in your life to PLAY with...those who love and appreciate dreams, wonder, true joy...
I LOVE all of the beautiful and FUN photographs...(oh your little one is so sweet!)
PLAY ON, dear friend!!
Much love,
- Irina