Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Tail of a Prince and a Porsha.....

" Prince "

" Porsha "

~ Once Upon a Time ~

This is my story, my name (rightly so) is Prince.
I am a 4 month old Silken Windhound puppy formerly from a place called Texas.... 

It was nice there.  But since I discovered I am actually a Prince,
and am treated so royaly here in my new home,
I have adjusted quite well.

But I was kinda lonely.
Even though there is a large hairy dog here who says he is the King,
he just lays around most of the time.
He doesn't play much because he's a lot older than me.

I needed a friend,
besides the humans who adore me that is.

So now I have a wonderful friend we call Porsha
{ But everyone knows she is Princess Porsha }

I am 4 months old and she is 2 months old, smaller than me,
but can she ever attack!

{ I know she looks really adorable and innocent here }

She and I are filling up the empty space left by Dazzle

I've been hearing a lot about her, and she is now in a place called
and that sounds really fun, but my people miss her.
We will all get to run in the fields of heaven with her one day.

We won't have that long long hair like Drifter and Dazzle,
and won't get as big
but we will have more hair on our tails!

We are smaller than a Borzoi and larger than a Whippet

And we are so fast, you would be amazed!!!
We are both Silken Windhounds

We play like crazy and then get all tuckered out.
{ So do our people }

I've heard them say we are extremely fun
~ and extremely exhausting ~

I'll tell you more of our escapades later

Royally Yours,
~ Prince ~


Createology said...

Violet I am so happy for you to have given Prince and Princess Porsha a new very good and loving home. Prince you will certainly be loved beyond measure. You are very handsome and Princess Porsha is very beautiful. Welcome to blogging and I look forward to hearing lots of your escapades.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Violet,
These are two very lucky little ones to have the comfort and love they will receive with you..
May they bring you much happiness.
Beautiful post! Love their names.

Tamara said...

Dear Violet..
What a sweet post and your new little Prince and Porsha are very precious. All your friends are just beautiful.. and I can tell they are so loved.
Wishes for a wonderful week.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Lucky little pups for they are going to have a much loved and magical life in the kingdom of beauty. I've never heard of the breed Siken Windhounds, they are gorgeous. precious and most of all being guided by Dazzle up above. It will be fun watching their antics and reading your words of joy and happiness as you share your new adventures with Princess Porsha and Prince.

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Ahhhh...so very sweet!! I love when animals have loving homes :))) xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, I knew that my morning, here so early and dark, would be filled with a joy that lights up the sky. I am reading this, cooing at the photos (THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!) and then I get to the part about heaven....tears are rolling, but those of joy because I know that our great God is kind and mindful of all creation.

Well little Prince! You have MET YOUR MATCH! HAHAHAHAH I just knew that the Princess, though smaller than you, would give you a run for your money...wait, you don't have money, do you? But that she would show you that GIRLS are fast too! Look at those legs! You two look like ponys!

This is such a delight. And your humans do indeed love you so. They do.

I am rushing off into what humans call WORK. Don't you worry, you will never have to engage in such foolishness. Just play, play, play.


Nita Stacy said...

Oh...my gosh....aren't they lovely? I've never heard of a windhound! I know they can't replace Dazzle but a great idea you had...just going ahead and getting two. I always say to get two puppies that it's easier than one. They are soooo beautiful!!!

Marilyn said...

So sad that Dazzle is not with you anymore. These two pups are adorable. I can see that you, like us, like sighthounds. We have the short haired variety….whippets. Bless you for taking on two puppies. I'll check back now and then to see if you still have your sanity!! XO

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Violet,
How thoughtful of you to check on Jasper... He is doing better each day.. Thank you so much for asking.
Your pups are so adorable... As I am sure you know, they keep us as busy as bees... Enjoy them. They are very lucky to have you.

Palomasea said...
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Palomasea said...

Oh my goodness, dear Violet....I am SO sorry about Dazzle! How heartbreaking that must have been for you.
That is incredibly brave of you to adopt two new pups. They are so darling and very blessed to have found such a loving home.
Hugs to you,

Privet and Holly said...

Violet, this is absolutely
precious. I think you may
have found the perfect
breed! Wow, I'm in love
with these sweethearts!!!

xo Suzanne

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Happy Valentine's Day dear friend!