Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beach Guest Room

I've enjoyed decorating our 2 guest rooms.
This one is the "Beach Cottage" room.
Another day I will share the "Paris Garden" room.
We made the headboard from a wooden room screen that held photos. The openings now have fabric from placemats that coordinate with the pillows,
with one of my oil paintings in the middle one.
Next to it are painted panels with shells glued on ... and glitter.


Trish D said...

This is stunning - I love the headboard!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a beachhouse too! And you like decorating. There are so many neat things to do with a nautical theme, aren't there?

Violet said...

No, I only wish I had a beachhouse! I only have a beach themed guest room. And well, beachy stuff in a lot of rooms actually. I love shells, so have many scattered about the house. We always go to the beach for vacations, and I love it there...