Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Purple Thursday

What if I start a Purple Thursday post each week? I wonder how long it would take before I ran out of purple (as in violet) things to photograph? (Not likely too soon.... LOL!) Now, don't think all I do is wear purple and have a purple house. (Now my car, there's another subect...!) No purple themed rooms here, really! but I do love so many shades of my name. (Good thing they didn't name me Puce. Or Mustard. Because that's so not me...) It seems I do gravitate towards plum, grape, lavender, aka: v i o l e t ..... Oh how I did not like my name when I was a child! No one else had that name, - unless they were over 80 - and I was so shy. But now as an adult, I really enjoy it. I was named after my grandmother. And what a beautiful surprise I received on the day of my granddaughters birth this year to be told it was her middle name : )
So, welcome to Purple Thursday. If I remember each week that is! Today I will share three photos -- my cell phone... which one of my dogs who likes electronics crunched on, my new carry-around Canon camera I just got because my other one died (that's okay, it was just silver), and at the top you will see a cute t-shirt I found today for $7 at a consigment shop, where I treated myself after working at cleaning out the garage all afternoon and taking a load to a thrift store. Only those who love scavengering in thrift and consignment shops and collecting treasures can understand how one could get rid of stuff and go buy something on the way home! But look, it has a purple bird on it, who could resist?!? Yes, I had to take a photo of it next to my bird vignette! Happy Purple Thursday! (Even though as I post this it's actually Wednesday night... but I'm working out at the gym in the morning and will be back in the garage in the afternoon, if I can make myself do it on such a warm sunny day ....

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