Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Purple Car

Here is one of our Afghan Hounds - DAZZLE - who wanted to take over
my drivers seat when we were out and about this week ...
I love this little car : ) So does she I guess.
Happy Purple Thursday Eve!


InkyArtitude said...

Hi Violet! I can't quite believe how similar in traits my Afghan's were to your four legged family. I used to have a bright red Triumph Spitfire, soft top sports car - a two seater. With the roof down, Baydr would sit in the passenger seat and Khan in the 'dickie' seat (more like a shelf) behind. We were waiting at a red light one day when my husband pulled up behind us. He said, from behind it was like looking at three snooty blondes! Ha Ha.
Another similarity is a liking for electrical gadgets. I had just got a new 'palm' computer for Christmas when they first came out. I returned from work after the holidays and I got back home to find that my wonderful piece of new technology had been eaten. It obviously didn't suit Baydr's superior pallet as he had spat it out in bits on the floor!
I love visiting your blog, it is full of beautiful things and hearing about the antics of your Afghan's is an added bonus. Thank you. Lynn

Karen B! said...

Very cute to see the girl in her car! I have had Bella sitting in the front seat with Caesar dripping wet in the bag seat and surrounded by rugs to keep the car clean!!