Thursday, September 25, 2008

Purple Thursday!

" Cavaliers in Paris"
This is on a 5x7 canvas and after this I added a ribbon hanger, then embellished with jewels, glitter, and a row of beads hanging from the bottom. Tres Chic Doggies! : )
Happy Birthday Cindy!
I'll be making these available soon as notecards and as wall hangings for
King Charles Cavalier Spaniel owners and Paris lovers to purchase.

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Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh Violet! I have just spent the most delightful collection of giggles, grins, sighs, and smiles with you. You're amazing!! I love your view of life through violet-colored glasses. : )

I'm so glad you left a trail from my blog to yours so that I could come and see you in your purple nook of joy.

You're paintings speak volumes of beauty and joy. Your dog in that purple "punch buggy" nearly made me split a side laughing. Priceless! I can't wait to bring my girls to see this site. That Johnny Carson clip has me laughing still!

I'll be back for many more visits. : )

Someone else goes gah-gah over cupcakes? We're kindreds. I just LOVE those diminuitive little confections -- for looking as well as eating.

Thank you for leaving such a kind and encouraging comment on my blog. XO