Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Glittery Shoes

I was inspired by shoes recently. High heeled glittery gorgeous shoes! I'm doing a series of photographs for cards and prints soon featuring these and others. Even though I paint in oils and watercolor, I also love photography, and glittery things really light up my creative spirit, and these shoes really did it for me! I'm not someone who walks around in such shoes very often, (except at tea parties!!!) but I love them on the walls and to send as notes. Saturday morning I attended a womens event at church and helped to set up on Friday. The women who organized the decor for the breakfast did an amazing job for the theme of "Glitz, Glamour and God's Glory" with all of the tables decorated with glittery high heels, tiaras, purses, jewels and roses. The speaker was a beautiful young woman who is a former Miss Oregon who competed in the Miss America pageant in 2000, Angela Oster, who spoke about the beauty God sees in us and how we desire to live so God will get the glory, and we will receive the crown He has for us ... treasures and beauty that will not fade like our earthly ones. It was so much fun, and there were over 200 ladies there who enjoyed the decor, food, time of worship and then listening to Angela speak.
And of course admiring all the glittery shoes!

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Debbie in CA : ) said...

Your church event sounds like a delight. I am on the Christmas Tea committee -- such fun. This year our theme is "Through the Eyes of a Child." My tea table will be a child's birthday party for Jesus.

Your shoes are simply stunning! I love a kick of glitz now and again. : )

Always fun to come by and see what you are up to.