Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Afghan Hounds

... Just a blur of fur! ...
These beautys have captured my heart!


Lisa said...

OK, I'll admit it-I'm pretty amazed by these dogs. They really look like people to me with that long well groomed hair-lol.

Have a great week.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Somehow the word "Hounds" just doesn't suit these gorgeous creatures. My youngest, Rachel (9), looked in shock. "Are those real dogs?" she asked. "Wow!" I just smiled as her horizons just broadened. We don't see too many Big fancy dogs; most are tiny annoying "babies" carried around by older women or big mutts riding around in the back of a pickup. Your darlings have introduced her to a new kind of "hound" -- one "created in beauty," of course. :D

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your dogs are beautiful and very regal, Violet! What a happy pair you have there. you have to brush them everyday?

Thank you for sharing them with us!!

Have a happy weekend,