Thursday, October 2, 2008

Party Invite

Thought I'd share the party invite I emailed out for a girls get-together I'm hosting at my house tomorrow night. 12 ladies all coming to see a friend who is coming to town for the weekend who use to live here. I don't even know some of the ladies -
we are just all friends of Sheryl's.
A group of varied, (some wild) fun loving girls - all different from each other but bound by a deep faith. And a friendship to a girl we all love and miss.
It's party time!

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megan said...

Fun! I have a great dessert idea for your party. Make a chocolate cake, and before you cook it plop chocolate chip cookie dough (minus the eggs, and a little softer than normal dough) ontop of the cake. Cook it and you have 2 of the best desserts combined!