Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Decorating - With Jewelry!

I've been doing Fall Decorating the past few days.
Here are some close-ups of embellishments using brooches and clip-on earrings. I enjoy finding these old clip-on earrings at thrift stores for a dollar or so. What fun! I have 15 more Fall Decor photos to share. Probably way too many ...
must decide between them, or shall I post them all?
Please scroll to bottom to view larger image.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

HI Violet! Thank you for visiting my blog today! Have to tell you first and foremost, your dogs are gorgeous!!!!!!!

I really like how you have taken bits and bobbles of vintage things and decorated your fall items with them. Sooooo imaginative!

Have a lovely evening, Violet!