Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decor Modern Condo Style!

The photos in this post are from a friends home, which is a high rise condo with amazing views. It was night when I was there, so no view photos but I enjoyed taking shots of her Christmas decor at the birthday party celebration I attended for a mutual friend.

How pretty glittery balls are ...

sitting in a beautiful glass bowl!

Red and silver

The table in their entry way.
So elegant and contemporary!

The glass nativity set that is on the above table

The lovely sparkly tree in the lobby.

Can you guess where these are?
You will be as surprised as I was!

... Here is a longer view...

still guessing???


Okay, here is the give-away picture! Yes, those are Christmas trees in a fish tank!!!
How clever is that? So fun!!! When they bought this condo it came with this aquarium and since they are not into fish, it was left empty for a while ... but it sits in a prominent place in the home and then this idea came to her for Christmas! I could really go for a fish tank if I could decorate in it instead of filling it with water and fish : ) The lights shining down on the trees make for a lovely winter landscape.

Happy Winter Wonderland!
I have been quite busy, finishing up with a couple of painting commissions, making some gifts for Christmas, doing a bit of shopping, and the other day I fractured a bone in my arm when we were walking the dogs ... and my left arm is in a sling. Look! I can still type! Oh my. At the time of my fall I was actually running with my dog across a wet slippery street, and she was going faster than I was and I tripped or slipped, and hit the ground extremely hard and landed on my arm. It hurt so bad my husband took me to the Dr. for an x-ray and indeed I have a small fracture at the top of my arm bone. But I think what makes it hurt (only when I move it away from my body - like say, trying to get dressed!!!) are my sore muscles and tendons. I am definately going to need some help making the large batch of fudge I am longing for!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I just love seeing all the different and creative ways to decorate for the Savior's birthday. These are really stunning ideas. The tank? TOO CUTE!

Hope you heal up quickly. I'll be praying.

Rachel made fudge yesterday. I blogged with pics -- a SIMPLE and delicious recipe. Might be just right for a one-armed cook. ; D

grey like snuffie said...

That is a wonderfully creative way to use the fish tank. So glad you weren't hurt worse. I'm sure none of us realize how much we take our bodies for granted until part of it is immobilized.

Brandy said...

Wow..! Everything is looking classic. Thanks for sharing pictures for beautiful Christmas decorations.