Friday, February 13, 2009

Beauty of Friendship

A Little Tea Cup Art
to sweeten your day today, with thoughts of friendship.
Don't forget to send a Valentine wish of love to your sweet friends!
Valentine-making-party photos coming next.
Glitter Glitter everywhere!
Glitter is my new best friend. Okay, not so new ....


~~Deby said...

nothing wrong with glitter everywhere..and then you see it on your cheeks..and you really sparkle...think we could all use this photo...
Happy Valentines Day to you...

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

Glitter...are we related??? Ha!
Happy Valentines Day! See you at Little LaLa's Birthday in the morning! Love you!

Kathleen Ellis said...

HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY, Violet! guess what?! You're a WINNER! You've won the drawing for the Living Romantically Everyday book...please send me your mailing info.
LOVE your last few posts...especially the purple hats!