Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Purple Thursday!

These are two of my favorite hats,
and were made by Linda Mestrovich, who I met at an art festival and who is a new friend! She is such a talented knitter/felter and her hats make me happy! Aren't they fun?!?
And P U R P L E !!!!
Even the Afghan Hound feels stylish in one!

Also for this Purple Thursday,
a Valentine made by my friend Lynette at our Valentine Craft Party! The photo doesn't do the glitter justice... we made these hearts by gluing pretty napkins onto heavy paper. And added jewels of course. I will post about the party soon!
We had Glitter Glitter everywhere....

My friend Jeanne has a purple leather couch!!!
How cool is that? And those pillows... and candle...

And she painted her dining room purple too!
Here it is decorated for a Birthday/Valentine party she gave.
Look at those purple goblets!
And all along they accused me of being the purple one! I don't have a purple room Jeanne!!!
I don't have a purple leather couch! Just a few hats and
a purple car and ... umm ...
well, a few other things too now that you mention it.

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grey like snuffie said...

purple is just the BEST color..although I can't imagine a purple couch..would be interesting to see the shade in person.