Friday, December 11, 2009

Envelopes From Napkins!

Beautiful Christmas Napkins
~ and other lovely napkins can be made into unique envelopes ~
Do I have my Christmas shopping done?
Or what you should ask, is have I even started???
And what about all that delicous baking this season inspires ?
Or handmade gifts for friends? ... Christmas cards?
The answer would be, "No, but look, I made envelopes!"
It is actually a fairly fast and easy project... and I make a few
here and there to have on hand for special cards
and correspondence. It seems I am often picking up another
pack of lovely napkins just because they are so pretty, as I did
while perusing Christmas decor in a shop the other day...
You can find envelope templates at craft shops or online,
and you can make your own by opening an envelope and using
it as a pattern. Trace around it onto card stock, for larger ones
a file folder works great. You can see in the red one above
I taped card stock together to make one. If you cut out an
area in the front you can see the placement better.
Napkins are usually three-ply, so first separate the layers.
My highly technical technique is to lick my thumb and finger
and pinch the napkin, a layer will stick to each finger,
then pull apart. Lay the top layer onto freezer paper,
shiny side up for the freezer paper, and right side up for
the napkin, and iron it. The shiny side will adhere to the napkin.
This makes it thick enough to use as an envelope.
Lay the template onto the napkin and trace around it,
then cut out and use a glue stick on the sides.
Glue on a label for the address.
... Here are some I've made ...
I also love the translucency of the sheer top layer of napkins
for use in collages. I've used this Christmas napkin
in collages recently, by adhering it with matte medium
to a painted canvas baord, and adding images and glitter.
Be careful though, because when wet it is very delicate.
Beautiful envelopes can also be made from magazine pages.
I have a file folder filled with lovely pages torn from magazines.
(A smaller template needs to be used for these)
It is fun to have a couple of friends over to 'play'
and make some envelopes while chatting and laughing,
or in the evening while watching tv. These envelopes are fun
to have on hand for little notes, birthday greetings, etc.


Brenda Leyland said...

Violet -- what a wonderful way to use the colourful napkins of the season.

When I used to be a member of the local Calligraphic Society, I remember making my own envelopes, but I never made one from a napkin.

Lovely idea... thanks for sharing it and the great photos.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. I love you blog and will visit again. And you are in the Pacific Northwest. Where abouts?

The napkin idea is great!

Tove's to og firbeinte said...

Hi Violet,just had to become a follower...I see you have afghans too :)))) Love your blog!!!!!!!

Lorrie said...

What a lovely idea, Violet. A perfect project for working on with a fire crackling and a cup of tea or hot cider at hand. Maybe I'll have to plan such a time.


Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

You can wrap a little present with a cute napkin too. (Thanks for the napkin mom...( ;)

I see you didn't give any Christmas gift spoilers over here...Not that I was peeking!

I think you're Christmas accomplisments have been a little waylaid by your pretty grandchildren that you have so lovingly cared for once a week.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, and this craft is a cute idea..I wish I could get your blog via email, it makes it so much easier for those of us that have older a little slower computers them getting it posted "atom" or in a feed..any possibility?

thanks Erika

Charlene said...

I can not WAIT to try this! They look wonderful!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I can image all sorts of uses. Do you really use them to mail in? Do you just do a white label? LOVE THEM!!!! Merry Christmas! And thank you for all the beauty your art brings to this world. It is truly a gift. Charlene said...

How perfect for special holiday cards!