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Friday, December 20, 2013

Crafting Luncheon

is how I spent a fun day!

We began with a luncheon of hot soup and toasty bread

With fudge for dessert and a coconut SNOW cake, and tea.

I made that funny snow angel a couple of years ago.
How I laugh when I unwrap her each Christmas season!

We then moved upstairs to my studio to these place settings
Where I taught how to make snowy Christmas scenes

The base is oval wood found at Michaels.
We used palette knives to apply plaster of Paris
and cover it while still wet with a combination of white snow and retro flakes
and glitter.  I found a set of snowmen ornaments at half price,
and after being covered in glitter they were quite cute!
The other option we used were little plastic deer.

our snow scenes all lined up for their photo

A few days later I made some more as gifts for friends

This one features my friends Cavaliers
I printed a photo I'd taken of them and glued it to heavier paper
and cut them out, adding crowns and glitter.
The family's last name is Chestnut

I found all these trees at a store for $1 each.
I bought up their entire supply.

The banner on this one says

I typed it out on heavy paper with my vintage typewriter.
(even though I have an 'old typewriter' font on my computer)

and added glitter of course!

as I was trying to fall asleep last night my mind wanted to go over
all that must still be done before Christmas.
I knew I'd never get to sleep if I mentally began that list!
Instead I considered the PEACE and wonder of Christmas
as I drifted off to sleep.

I leave you with the words of this beautiful Christmas song
written by  Isaac Watts, born in 1674

Joy to the world!  The Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let ev'ry heart prepare him room,
And heaven and nature sing.

Joy to the world! The Saviour reigns!
Let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods, rocks hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy; repeat the sounding joy

He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness
And wonders of his love;
and wonders of his love; and

wonders of his

Merry Christmas Dear Ones!
~ Violet ~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabric Banners. And Nasturtiums are Taking Over

I made this 12 foot long fabric banner today.
(Two of them actually)
For a special little girl's birthday party tomorrow

The beasts wanted to pose with it for you.

I ironed the fabric onto fusible heavyweight stabilizer
and then cut out the triangles with pinking shears,
then sewed them to the ribbon.
Then I thought some torn fabric strips would be fun
so went to a thrift store and found just what I needed,
a bright pink sheet and a shimmery bright green curtain.
Tearing fabric into strips is fun
~ But threads are everywhere now ~
An okay price to pay for creativity surges!

Now, about those nasturtiums!

I planted two small plants in this little garden area behind this fence,
where last year everything died that was planted there.
Apparently, nasturtiums are what was needed!
They have decided they don't want to be fenced in
and have proceeded to move into the yard.

That's okay, I love nasturtiums!
As for my coffee table project,
I bought the "Paris Grey" Chalk Paint,
so hopefully this weekend I can get to it!
What projects are you hoping to accomplish?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Altered (and then) Embellished Shoes


She may look quite innocent

But this girl has a thing for shoes

They do make great chew toys
And are oh so tasty!
This girl is not outgrowing her 'taste' for shoes
And she is into ALTERED ART
and her medium is shoes
(hats and furs also)
And even though these shoes
came from a thrift store and were on sale for 99 cents, well, they fit just right
and are such a lovely color
When not being worn by me they were studio decor,
matching the vintage tutu worn by my dress form "Audrey"
Therefore, easy access to a sneaky dog to tip-toe in
and steal ~ then quietly backing out of the room
to a comfy rug to do some chewing
 The back of one shoe was destroyed in seconds.
 (  I didn't think to take a photo of the chewed part, but if you have dogs, you can picture it  )
But now the shoes are lovlier than ever
thanks to my stash of lace, velvet leaves and jewels.
Ta Da!
( Now kept on a higher shelf  :  )

 Do your dogs also enjoy creating altered 'art'?
~ Violet ~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative Frames

I found these frames to be quite inspiring
~ Fabulous to hang various items ~

I photographed these in a vintage inspired shop I recently visited
and hope to incorporate these ideas into my studio.
A bit of twine, some chicken wire.... and of course,
G  L  I  T  T  E  R
~  A glittered framed mirror  ~
LOVE it!
I actually dreamed about glitter last night.
:  )

Friday, January 21, 2011

And the Winner is ...

Announcing the winner of the give-away .... drum roll please...
Suzanne of  "Privet and Holly"  is the winner of the "Friendship Wand" !
I will contact you by email for your mailing address.
Thanks to all who entered!
Have a fabulous weekend, may it be glittered with
~ sparkles of delight ~
~ Violet ~

Friday, November 19, 2010

Funky Snow People

They had been waiting ever so patiently
for their finishing touches, embellishments and tweaking
~ and are now on display ~
funky little
paper mache'
silly little
( if Charley Brown made a snowman, it would look like this next to his tree : )
- and
the idea for these funny snowpeople
came from some I have seen in shops this season,
so if they look a little familiar to you,
that could be why!
Although I did not copy them, they were the
springboard for my imagination
~ to jump around on ~
(picture a little trampoline here)
Of course, the funnest part is the embellishing!
What ideas are YOU bouncing around this season?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paper Mache Snow!

Snowy sculptures of paper mache snow
We've been having a few craft days
in which my daughter and a friend's daughter and I
have been making paper mache snowmen and angels
The one above is by Megan and OH! She is adorable!!!
We spent her birthday embellishing with paint and glitter
I've discovered a product called Celluclay
~ used my half-off coupon at Michaels and bought a large bag ~
Here are some of our works in progress
We made armatures from aluminum foil
and covered them with the wet clay-like paper mixture.
It took a few days to dry so the embellishing had to wait.
Here are our pieces after drying.... they don't look like
much yet, but just wait!!!
Below are my three.
Come back to see how they look after todays session!

Here is a little guy I finished, he stands only 2 inches tall
-And sits atop glittered crepe paper
on a round paper mache box covered in glitter
This one is a collaberation between a 5 year old,
and Jessica and myself
{like that is possible}
Another delightful one made by Megan
A d o r a b l e
~ And now, a completely different subject ~

Don't you just love those "MakeOver" shows in which

those with an eye for fashion completely make over someone

from looking a mess into someone beautiful?

(I find it quite fascinating)


~ Well, here it is in reverse ~



A doll I bought for Megan's 2-1/2 year old daughter,

Here she is wearing the tutu I made for her

and wearing an elegant tiara.



I knew a photo had to be taken before she became well-loved

This dolly was meant to be played with
~ not set on a shelf for display ~
Here she is 3 days later
" MakeOver by a two year old "
: )
{ so funny }

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simple Gifts

I had so much fun making these little gifts yesterday.
The "Tussie Mussie" cone is made with sheet music
and various embellishements.

Candles embellished with glitter, sheet music
and vintage seam binding.
Making Glitter Candles
I used matte medium, but white glue diluted a bit
will also work. I used my hands and covered the candle
with the adhesive, then rolled into glitter.
So very pretty!
(I still have glitter on my thumb this morning,
how festive...)
I used 3 different glitters
shaken out onto a piece of freezer paper,
mostly clear (white) prism glitters
with purple added for the purple candles
and red for the red ones.
I was so thrilled that it worked, so I pulled out
at least a dozen candles and embellished them.
Two, wrapped beautifully,
along with some homemade fudge
makes a delightful gift don't you think?!?
Yay! for simple beauty.
Now to do the things that are actually on my list.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Envelopes From Napkins!

Beautiful Christmas Napkins
~ and other lovely napkins can be made into unique envelopes ~
Do I have my Christmas shopping done?
Or what you should ask, is have I even started???
And what about all that delicous baking this season inspires ?
Or handmade gifts for friends? ... Christmas cards?
The answer would be, "No, but look, I made envelopes!"
It is actually a fairly fast and easy project... and I make a few
here and there to have on hand for special cards
and correspondence. It seems I am often picking up another
pack of lovely napkins just because they are so pretty, as I did
while perusing Christmas decor in a shop the other day...
You can find envelope templates at craft shops or online,
and you can make your own by opening an envelope and using
it as a pattern. Trace around it onto card stock, for larger ones
a file folder works great. You can see in the red one above
I taped card stock together to make one. If you cut out an
area in the front you can see the placement better.
Napkins are usually three-ply, so first separate the layers.
My highly technical technique is to lick my thumb and finger
and pinch the napkin, a layer will stick to each finger,
then pull apart. Lay the top layer onto freezer paper,
shiny side up for the freezer paper, and right side up for
the napkin, and iron it. The shiny side will adhere to the napkin.
This makes it thick enough to use as an envelope.
Lay the template onto the napkin and trace around it,
then cut out and use a glue stick on the sides.
Glue on a label for the address.
... Here are some I've made ...
I also love the translucency of the sheer top layer of napkins
for use in collages. I've used this Christmas napkin
in collages recently, by adhering it with matte medium
to a painted canvas baord, and adding images and glitter.
Be careful though, because when wet it is very delicate.
Beautiful envelopes can also be made from magazine pages.
I have a file folder filled with lovely pages torn from magazines.
(A smaller template needs to be used for these)
It is fun to have a couple of friends over to 'play'
and make some envelopes while chatting and laughing,
or in the evening while watching tv. These envelopes are fun
to have on hand for little notes, birthday greetings, etc.