Friday, May 14, 2010

Art. Books. Friends. Summer

After my previous post about books
I thought I'd look through my paintings to find the ones
that feature books or reading.
(Painting features daughter Megan and friend)
Over the years I have been inspired by the things that
I love, and they often come into my paintings.
Hats. The sea. Women in flowing dresses.
Flowers. Books. Dogs. Little birds.
The models for these paintings are all
people I know. Friends, children of friends,
my daughter ... which is why I can only
offer to sell prints of the paintings!
(painting features Sarah, friend Martha's daughter)
How grateful I am to have such beautiful
people that have graced my life,
and allowed me to photograph them
to use as painting ideas!
(model for this painting is Heidi)
Usually it is young women and children
that enter my watercolor or oil paintings.
But the gentleman below
I have painted twice.
Unrelated to me, a man who influenced my life
in my teenage years, who now resides in heaven.
Oh how he loved the Bible!
And what an impact this humble person's faith
has made on the world through his life
and his childrens lives, and his childrens children.
Generations still unfolding
who are touching others with God's love and grace.

Everett Poe

Lover of God's Word.

And how many times have you posed for me,
my dear friend Sue?
And how many paintings have I done featuring you?
( ... we've been friends since teenage years ... )
Thank you for your patience for all those photography shoots!
And beautiful daughter Megan,
who has graced my watercolor paper and oil canvases
since her childhood,
And whose little children now also inspire my art!
(Here is a link to her blog: )
Letters from a friend,
relaxing times with a good book,
~ So inspiring ~
These and other prints of my paintings can be viewed here:
and also some on my website:
May you enjoy the beautiful spring weather this weekend!
It is probably quite noticable that my paintings and inspirations
come mainly from spring and summer!!!
Oh how I love warm weather and the beauty it brings!


Dianne said...

these are so, so beautiful, my friend .... i just love the gift of expression the Lord has given you!! :-)

Createology said...

Lovely art. Interesting how we do something so often without realizing it at the time. Happy painting...

Princesa Nadie said...

Your blog is like a dream...and your pictures are beautiful!
I am really happy as I have meet you

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH VIOLET! I am so late today...what a day...but I told you in an email what I did today. O.K., now this is splendid. Your talents are refined and skilled and you are a master painter, dearest. I can see you love of the color purple in everything you do, and it is a wonder to behold. Thank you for also gracing my comment page with your lovely words, and dearest, you are an inspiration to me. Everything you do, you do it with love and such flair. The painting of Everett Poe is just stunning.

Thank you for this lovely window into another facet of your world!

God bless you dear friend, Anita

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

It still makes my mind spin when I go to a house and see your artwork on the wall. Because, as your daughter, your artwork looks like "home" to me, since it graces your walls and has ever since I was born. It's a piece of you. And so when I see it somewhere else, my mind gets momentarily confused! It's like people have a peice of our home in THEIR home.

Not that it bothers me, not at all!


Love you,

PS, is it time for a PREGNANT woman watercolor or oil? You've never done that before. And I happen to know just the model. {Wink Wink}