Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Love Books

I love the beautiful covers.
The feel of the book in my hands.
Touching the paper.
Setting them about as decor,
to pick up and browse when the desire stirs.
T(Vintage books below are from my friend Lydia's shelf)-
There is just something so soothing about handling a book.
Walking about a used book store and finding its treasures...
Feeling the old yellowed pages,
Reading words written centuries ago
~ or just recently published ~
I have books in every room in my house
Gardening books, art books, dog books, cook books,
inspirational books, Bibles, childrens books,
craft books, biographies, autobiographies,
(Carol Burnett's is one I've just finished and so enjoyed)
art books, art books, and have I mentioned,
art books?
So, what I want to know is,
have any of you started using an ebook reader
such as the Nook or Kindle?
Are you a lover of paper and pages that you hold in your hands
and if so, what do you think of ebooks?
I just can't imagine it would be as satisfying as books made
with paper and bindings.
I can see (perhaps) an advantage for novels in that the page can
be magnified as I read in bed at night ... so I'm just wondering
what you all think?
Do you love wandering around book stores like I do?
Time passes by unnoticed as I browse the isles and tables,
being delighted by the beautiful covers.
Today I found a bargain book
with beautiful photos of Audrey Hepburn.
I don't think I'd be as thrilled with that as an ebook.


Lorrie said...

I've not joined the ebook age. Like you, the feel of a book in my hands, the smell of the paper, the ability to underline or (don't tell) fold a corner back, or even smooth the page with my hand when it speaks something particularly special to me are things I'm reluctant to give up.

Gigi Murfitt said...

I have had a kindle for a year. I love it! But there are some books I have to buy in print because I like to write in them as I learn new things. Novels - Kindle. Help Books - Print.

The thing I like about the Kindle is that someone can recommend a book and within seconds I own it. It saves my place so when I open a book I start where I left off. I can highlight words and take notes on my Kindle too but it's just not the same as highlighting with a yellow marker.

The one thing I don't like is that I can't loan one of my books to a friend if it is on my Kindle. (at least I have not yet learned how to do that)

The other benefit of the Kindle is the books are cheaper than in print. And Amazon often gives books away free as promotional items for the next book coming out in print. Gotta love FREE!

Oh yeah and I can have about 350 books in my purse when I'm on a trip. :)

So that's the way it is for me.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Violet! You are speaking to my heart here, dearest! I refuse to buy an electronic device as such. We too, have each room of the house, including the bathrooms, graced with books. We have the best used book stores in Stillwater, MN. and in Minneapolis. Walking inside, smelling the faint mustiness and touching the pages is a delight like no other, and I don't want to lose that sensation! You know that I make my own books, and that you will be the recipient of one soon!!! This was a great post, and I have to share with you what I am doing with an old book cover.....back later via email. Bisous! Anita

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Violet!
Oh, yes! I love to while away time in a book store...and e-books definitely don't do it for me, either!
Thanks for voting on the healthy snack!
The "petaly" think is a table runner...isn't it pretty?!
Have a beautiful day!
;-D Kathleen

Violet said...

Thank you all for sharing! I almost put this in my post but stopped, thinking it was too weird, but I have a paperback dictionary, and sometimes I even close my eyes and smell the pages,
and I am transported back to my grade school days. I'm not sure why, but the scent.... naughty children had to stay in at recess and write from the dictionary... a 'punishment' that also helped improve our handwriting. I was really too shy to be naughty, but in the winter I'd rather stay in and do that than go outside in the freezing weather! And so somteimes my teacher would let me do it instead! Although chatting with a friend in class also could warrant that 'discipline' ~ and I'm sure I got in trouble for that a bit : )
(especially in winter!!!)

(I sniffed the dictionary just before I wrote this just to make sure. Yup. It worked again...)

jimmarthaz said...

I totally agreed with you, Violet, until I held a kindle in my hand. I loved it. And today I dusted the books on the book shelf and thought longingly of the Kindle. And this from a girl whose favorite store is Barnes & Noble!

Mystical Gypsy said...

Violet, I'm a paper lover: books, magazines, newspapers. I wrote a similar blog lamenting the predicted demise of the newspaper. Two of my favorite haunts are Barnes & Noble & our beautiful library. I'm sure ebooks have their good points, but as long as I can, I'm sticking with the real thing!

As always, your blog is a lovely addition to my day.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my sweet friend!!! Welcome to "part" of my world! If I can get some decent pictures this weekend, I will continue my tour of Rabbit Hill, A.K.A. wannabe Hameau de Versailles!!!! Your visits are sweet as violets themselves....and I wish my pictures would have come out so you could see the lavender accents in my boudoir bathroom adjacent to our main bath; OH SO LOVELY!

I am drawing this weekend and hotgluing some things I have been wanting to get together!!! And then I am off to scan my story that I am making for you in the book. CIAO and....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY dearest! Anita

Dianne said...

i LOVE old books ... it will take a long, LONG time for me to appreciate kindle and the like, i'm afraid. old books are treasures, especially if there are notes in them from a previous owner, and even more especially if they come from england or somewhere overseas ... i love a book's story almost as much as the story on it's pages! :-) i notice you like tasha tudor ~ do you have her children's story "pumpkin moonshine"? i've loved it since i was in kindergarten (yes, that's a long time ago and yes, there's a story there, too). thanks for sharing your love of books, violet!

Charlene said...

Sweet Violet we suffer from the same disease (am I surprised???? NO!!). My hubby swears one end of the house will break off the slab for the weight of books & magazines. I am obsessed! A kindle... not for me. I need the whole turning the page, soaking into the book for it to be complete. If you go on my sidebar look for Once in a Blue Moon. She has 3 sites & you can find the other two on her site... she reads voraciously & loves her Kindle. Ask her questions. Also, the one site you read the book & then cook or get receipes & do a post with the food from the book. Check her out & let me know what you think. HUGS! Charlene