Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts of Royalty

If a crown is the sign of royalty
then I'm feeling like a queen today!
I've acquired a new crown this week to add to my collection.
A gift from my son, who didn't even know I began
collecting crowns this year!
David, in Psalms 103:4,5 says God desires to
"Crown you with love and compassion"
and to satisfy our desires with good things.
I love how the KJV uses these words:
"He crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies"
Doesn't it just warm your heart to the depths
to realize how precious you are to God?
And today I was so excited to bring this vintage dress form
home to my studio. I have wanted one for ages!
So here is her debut!
Wearing a necklace I made.
(She needs a name, any ideas???)
The necklace is fashioned from agate beads and copper chain
with the main focus on the pendant
~ the base is a vintage button ~
to which I have added a scripture and a sparkling jewel
The words on it are:
"For God, who said, 'Let light shine out of darkness'
made His light shine in our hearts
to give us the light of the knowledge
of the glory of God in the face of Christ"
(by the apostle Paul, in his 2nd letter to the Corinthians)
I am being so inspired lately by: thoughts of
the Glory of God, words like King and Kingdom,
Treasures and Crowns
Yes, I am having thoughts of Royalty!
This verse is so beautiful ... God desires to
"provide for those who mourn in Zion ~
to bestow on them a
Crown of Beauty
instead of ashes, the oil of gladness
instead of mourning, and a
Garment of Praise
instead of the spirit of despair ...
... for the display of His splendor ...
Isaiah 61:3
I've added this post to Melissa's Friday's "Inspired By" links on
The Inspired Room blog:
(and I really would love some suggestions for names for my crown model!)


Brenda Leyland said...

And He crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies. Now that's a royal crown too!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest Violet, this is gorgeous...where on earth did you find your dress form? Mine is named, "Pierrette" and I found her in Stillwater for $15! She is also adorned with a ballet tutu, and lots of necklaces that were either gifted to me, or that I made. But the ones that I made come NO WHERE NEAR this lovely beauty that you crafted! You are a perfect artist. Your skills really do intrigue me! O.K., now, for the name of your form:

1. Colette
2. Marie Rose
3. Marie Ange
4. Babette
5. Amélie

There are oodles of French names....or am I just assuming that you want a French name?

That crown...your son deserves to be KNIGHTED for being such a love to give his mother a crown.....isn't it fun to collect them? HAVE A BLAST!!! Anita

TeriTX said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog; I followed you over here. Your necklace is so pretty. I love it. The dress form looks like a Lydia to me. Teri

Deryn Mentock said...

Love the text...beautiful piece, Violet!

Marie said...

Hello sweet Violet - I'm visiting from The Inspired Room! Oh how I love crowns too. In fact, you have inspired me to start my own collection! I've been wanting a vintage-y one. And I love the scriptures you've reminded us of. Love your necklace - you did a fabulous job on it! So pretty. Your dress form is so sweet...she looks like a "Josephine" or a "Clementine."


Mystical Gypsy said...

I love crowns, too! Recently I did a teaching to our womens group on what it means to be a member of God's Royal Family. Would be happy to share it with you if you're interested. Lots of wonderful symbolism. When you understand what it means to be a member of the royal family, you understand your position, privileges & responsibilities as a child of the King of Kings.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Violet, thank you dearest for coming by so quickly to my new post! YES! YOU AND I BOTH....that golden tone in those photos topped off with that blue thoughts for one of the rooms of my home! Today, I am making sure Ruben gets my mantle in; it will look much like those photos of the pure white rooms. I want to incorporate a little splash of blue will be fun to see where. I saw some gorgeous aqua blue chandelier prisms....I just might replace some of the crystals on the chandelier in my studio and give the look I want. Oh, what do you have planned today? It is gonna be a great day. Bisous dearest! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH! Other names with a French twist:
1. Audrey
2. Simone
3. Isabeau

Just thinking! Anita

Jenny in Maine said...

my vintage dress forms name is Isabella. :D

Where did you find that crown!!?? I so want one!!


Karena said...

Violet, Anita sent me your way and I adore your art & site!!

Art by Karena

Lovey said...

Very beautiful post! Yes, He's the King of Kings...Lord of Lords but He Crowns us in His Glory. How precious are we...His Little ones.
As far as the dress form..Victory came to mind and so Victoria was birth from it as the name I suggest.
Thank you for Linking up with Me...I'm so glad we have found one another too!

Privet and Holly said...

Violet! I was SO frustrated yesterday because BLOGGER was down in my little corner of the world, almost the ENTIRE day, at least from 4:30AM until 4PM! So, I'm just now returning your call. I love your blog! AND, you live in my most favorite part of the country! I will live in the PAC NW, someday. Lived there part of my childhood and my folks retired's truly in my heart. {EVEN with all the rain you've had this spring!} You are such a talented artist ~ that necklace is just divine. For some reason, VERONICA was the name that sprang into my mind when I saw your "lady." Maybe because my veronica plant is just starting to bloom : )
Love that your son gave you a crown without knowing about your collection! Happy Tuesday, Violet!
xx Suzanne

Charlene said...

Be still my heart! Love your new banner. I am into shells/mermaids & such since I am going to Les Sirens in July. And my neighbor from France brought me a piece that looks just like that Fleur De Lis you have on your banner. LOVE IT! Charlene

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweet friend!

Oh my, love the new/old bust! How gorgeous is this?!! How more wonderful that your precious son gave you a crown. And remember you earned a jewel in your crown for the beautiful gift to me!!
Maybe name the bust JEWEL. Crown, jewel, kind of flows. AND it goes with the beautiful jeweled necklace you made. **swoon** Are you selling these? It is a work of beauty!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Violet dearest, I love the new look of your blog!! I am considering changing mine now, but I have to do more research, but really, I think this looks stunning!!! Anita