Monday, November 1, 2010

Wet Beautiful Refreshing WATER

I've been thinking about water.
This is a random blog post for the first day of November,
and these little angel girls should be wearing sweaters
and rain boots if they are going wading
(clicking here will take you to this art print and others available for sale)
~ but I still have summer in my heart ~
So, allow me to ignore Autumn just for a few moments?
The subject of "water" being on my mind
resulted from finding some tubes of my watercolor paints
that had become hardened ~ and before I threw them out,
I thought I'd see if I could restore their softness
~ to become usable again ~
Some were just partially hard, so I poked into the tube with
a pick and let some water drip into them,
and set them upright to allow the water to permeate.
Others were completely dried out
and I removed the lids and let the tubes soak in water
for two days... and the water softened even them.
Water can soften the hardest watercolor pigment,
it takes longer when something is completely dry,
water will just pour off, but let it soak in
and see what happens!
Sometimes it seems my heart
has become hardened
in a
I long to wade into streams of Living Water
to dive into and splash in
the river of water that refreshes and cleanses
and nourishes my heart, spirit and soul.
Refreshing Softening Cleansing Nourishing
softens even the hardest places.
(It is pouring rain today in the Pacific Northwest
so these thoughts on water can also be an Autumny post)
~ Violet ~-
Watercolor painting by Violet Skiles
Scriptures about living water can be found in John 4:10 and 7:38


Lorrie said...

Wonderful post, Violet about letting God's love soak into hardened hearts. I need to remember this.

I hope the wet and soggy weather (here, too on Vancouver Island) is in stark contrast to a bright heart.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MY GOODNESS...that was absolutely stunning. The art, well, it goes without saying that it is splendid, but the simile at the end, dearest, how true. And God is so wise as to show us similes and metaphors using what we already know around us to drive home the truth. We all need living waters in our spirits, daily, and yet it is the most neglected element. Thank you for this rich reminder....I am going to email you in a bit. I have a sweet little package to open up first! Hey, wait 'til you see what pictures I am sending you......Anita

Brenda Leyland said...

Beautiful post, Violet! Love how you put it all together!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my sweet, I come late, but finally after a hard day at work. I JUST CALLED IN FOR SUBSTITUTE! I AM OFF TOMORROW! WHat fun can we come up with tomorrow?????THANK YOU FOR COMING OVER JUST TO SAY HI!!!! Off to see your email. Anita

Ann Nichols said...

So lovely Violet! So true about water and I loved how you put it! Thanks so much for visiting me at my history blog so I could find you! I am following along and would love to have you join me too!
Two things... I used to live on Mercer Island and even though it rained a lot then too (but that's why it is so beautiful in the Pacific NW.. the water!)I just loved it! Some of my best memories are from your area of the world. And two... I love your dogs!! They are just gorgeous!!
Sadly, we recently lost our dear German Shepherd (you can see a picture of him under "personal" in my blog)... A very very hard family member to say good-bye to for awhile. But today...just today (!) we have brought a rescued cat to live with us (He is even now sitting on the rocking chair behind me sleeping - a little angel cat!)! He was hit by a car 4 weeks ago and has lost his tail but seems to be doing just fine! Thank God!
Anyway... I seem to be writing a book here! Thanks for visiting!
Many blessings!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET!!! I AM HAVING CREATE WEATHER TOO! YOU GOT THE TAG....awesome, I can't wait what you will show!!