Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hugging Granite and the Writing on the Wall

We picked our kitchen granite slabs last week.
This will look good with the nearly-white cabinets.
It's the lightest countertop my husband would agree to,
and I like it too.
We both like the 'movement' and flow.
This piece is called 'Yellow River Matte' and comes from Brazil.

I've been looking on Pinterest and googling backsplashes
and discovered I like the look of pale brick.

Below is a photo of what we have chosen
It really helped me to browse online to get an idea of
what I didn't like,
to help narrow down what I DID like.

Finish work begins this week
and the messages I wrote will be hidden inside the
window and door frames

~ In the master bedroom windows ~

~ And on the studio door frame ~
I wrote prayers and scriptures and praises
on many of the wood frames.
Our home will have these blessings, prayers,
and the Word of God
written on the doorposts,
something the children of Israel did centuries ago.
{although maybe not with black permanent markers}
I did this in our last home but after a while forgot
what I wrote and where.
This time I documented with photos!
The concrete floors were stained and finished
this week, and after I get the photos into the computer
I'll post some.  My plan was to sprinkle
G  L  I  T  T  E  R
onto the laundry room and powder room floors.
My husband apparently thought I was joking.
Fortunately for him I didn't arrive with the glitter
until after the finish had dried.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooooo this is really getting exciting my friend, REALLY EXCITING! I too, love the lighter side of home d├ęcor. Your ideas and final choices are going to make you very happy, I KNOW. HA! WOuld you believe I have toyed around, I mean, ONLY IMAGINED what it would be like to paint my brick out WHITE! I love painted brick, or light stone, but I am totally happy however, with the brick cottage I have. But now you are choosing some fantastic pieces for your abode, and the writing on the wall is the sure foundation of any home and hearth. I AM THRILLED FOR YOU! Anita

The Dainty Dolls House said...

How marvelous...I especially love the prayers and verses you put on the walls and windows, that is a glorious idea :)) I hope everything continues to run smoothly for you!! xx

Lynda said...

Love your chosen combinations. It will be beautiful. Will check back in to see progress.

Becky said...

Thanks for posting your words written on your walls. The scripture from Psalm 4:8 was a reminder for me that the Lord would watch over me as I slept while my hubby was away for the week. I don't like staying alone, but God allowed me a restful night & nothing going bump in the night. Thanks for the reminder. OBTW love the kitchen, it will be beautiful. Take care!
Becky Zornes

Palomasea said...

Oh Violet...glitter on the floor!!! My dream come true! :))
And everything is looking so beautiful, coming together quickly, so exciting. I love what you do with the prayers and verses...
- Irina

Martina said...

What a sweet idea to write prayers in places, that will be hidden - but not to the Lord! Thi will be a happy home Violet, Cheers! xx

Becca said...

Verses gets my attention. Nice choice for granite. I'm surprise you are serious of putting glitters as decoration.