Monday, August 6, 2012

The Dog, The House, Projects, Summer

He has been my sweet buddy for ten years.
This dog loves to pose.
(our other Afghan Hound was wandering at the time of photo)
{ Wish those hollyhocks were in my backyard! }

I promised a photo of our concrete floors.
I think they turned out great!
They are covered with paper now, not to be seen again
until all the finish work is done.
Since I took this photo, the doors are in,
millwork, cabinets and tile too.
Below is a cabinet we found at a flea market shop
that will become the powder room vanity

I am going to apply gold 'rub-n-buff 'in all of the brown glazed areas.
This is actually a stereo cabinet from the 50's.
We ordered a white vessel sink to sit upon it.

Here's the chandelier I found at an antique shop for the powder room.
I also found a wood framed mirror from the 30's.
And below, no, this is not our fireplace mantle.
But isn't it gorgeous?!?  From an antique shop I visited, and a mere

Quite Grand!
... I'd love to see the home where this goes to live ...
On  a personal note, I had two wisdom teeth out this past Friday,
I am a scaredy cat about surgeries and Dr. visits, but it went well.
And yesterday I was out in the backyard spray painting a couple of chandeliers
and removing tarnish from the brass on an antique French bakers rack
that will go in the dining room.
Summer has finally come to the Pacific Northwest
~ I just start to get into it and then all the Fall stuff appears in stores ~
Totally confuses my sense of seasons!
I am thinking only
while it surrounds me!


Sarah said...

Your doggie is gorgeous. When the thumbnail first popped up in my list, I thought it was someone in a flowing gown, but the head didn't look right. LOL
Would love to see more of your beautiful Afghans.

Your floors look grand! Good luck with your project. Looks like lots of work.......Sarah

Anonymous said...

Cute poser. :)
Your floors look spectacular and that mantle is surreal. Love it all.
I'm a scaredy cat about Dr's visit too. Glad all went well for you. By the way, I don't like to see the way the seasons are so rushed commercially either. I think it's because so many folks have projects they like to start early, but I like to enjoy the beauty of each as much as I could without rushing to the next.

Have a great week.
Much love,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


You know what? I believe I lost an email from you.....I do NOT recall responding to the fantastic photo of the dogs....

THAT CABINET IS PERFECT. You have been finding THE BEST vintage pieces to cozy up the new home, but the house is looking GREAT MY DEAR. And Drifter, what a big sweet and elegant.

My dearest, I will come via email. But this is getting so exciting, all the hunting and gathering of the perfect things to make you new house a home. BACK IN A FEW!

Createology said...

Your home is coming along quite nicely and will be spectacular with your treasures residing inside. Glad you are recovering well. Beautiful Afghan(s) you have. Fantastic weekend...

Palomasea said...

Lovely Violet...your home is looking gorgeous already...and the final touches will bring it to exciting!
I'm so glad your surgery went well, sweet friend.
Love your stunning pup...and the hollyhocks!
And I do not enjoy the rushing of the seasons in stores...they're setting up for Halloween around here...
Let us soak up the rest of sweet Summer!
Blessings and love,
- Irina

Martina said...

Oooooh, your floors look great Violet, and i love the flow of light in these rooms! I can see your Afghnas running around in there ;) So pretty, your doggy model. Have a super sunday!