Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chandy Sparkle and AQUA

I've been working on my studio
finally ~  after getting all of the other rooms 'almost done'
{is any room ever really 'done'?}
I caught a glimpse of my vintage chandelier
in the gold thrift store mirror sitting on the shelf,
waiting to be hung.

I painted the insides of the 2 cabinets a lovely shade of
A  Q  U  A
I acquired these several years ago from a shop that was closing.
They were unpainted and I painted them a creamy white
and then varnished them.
Over the years the varnish on the inside
of the cabinets was yellowing.

I knew I'd better paint them now if I was ever going to,
before putting the shelves in and adding decor and books.

I began with a mixture of half Old White, half Provence
{ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint }
I painted both with one coat before I came to the conclusion
the color was just too dark for what I was envisioning.

This aqua was achieved with 3 parts Old White to 1 part Provence.
The shelves are glass but one broke a while back,
so I replaced the bottom shelves
with white shelving from Home Depot.
Which did not look right now that the insides were aqua,
so I painted the malamine shelves aqua and then applied clear wax.
Supposedly this paint works on most surfaces so I thought why not
give it a try.... it went on perfectly, we shall see if it holds up!

I glimpsed this side table in an antique mall several months ago
and admired it every time I visited.
I just did not have the cash to buy it,
but it goes so well with my desk,
which I found at a flea market shop a couple of years ago.

We had an antique oak Gentleman's Dresser we'd purchased
many years ago, and after we moved here
could not find a place for it, even if I painted it white.

We ran some ads on Craigslist for it but didn't get any response.
My husband wanted that thing out of the garage,
and was about ready to chop it up and toss it
(gasp!  I'd at least take it to a thrift store!)
So I said, lets take a photo of it to the antique store and see if
any of the dealers want to buy it.

Was I ever thrilled when a dealer said,
"I'll trade you the table you've been admiring"
S C O R E !

and in keeping with my posts topic of
"Sparkle and Aqua"
this little one had her first bath in the new tub
and gives her 5 Star (I mean balloon) rating!
I love her sparkling smile!
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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

BRAVO BRAVO! How can you go wrong with aqua, chandies, sparkles and smiles? NOPE, you cannot go wrong.

Violet, are you having fun? I somehow KNOW you are!! LOVE THE LIGHT and glimmer of crystal. Today in my kitchen as I walked in to get some tea, the noon sun danced in and bounced off its magic onto my walls and ceiling, reflected from the chandelier. Ahhh..what a joy!


shaggysheephome said...

Wow the chandelier looks great and I love your story about your table. No a room is never done but some find a perfect setting and never change it.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening Violet,
Your studio is going to be beautiful.. Love the chandelier.
What I love most is that sweet little face in your beautiful tub!

Anne said...

That's so cool about the furniture trade! Love when that happens. I like the aqua interior of the cabinets; I painted the inside of my breakfront a pale blue and love it, it really sets off the white china inside.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good afternoon my beloved friend.

THANK YOU for coming to my post, and though it is not one of my best, I just wanted to share in the most efficient way possible that LOVE is a reason to be thankful. The topic is too vast to cover, but I was just thinking that even if we have loved and have lost, we had the experience to enjoy. But because LOVE DOES NOT DIE, we can rejoice over what we have been given. I am so tired and scattered that I am not sure my words are making any sense...

Palomasea said...

There is our precious and beautiful Anita who ALWAYS has the right words....we LOVE YOU!
Dearest Violet, how exciting that you have begun working on your studio!!
Love the photo of your punkin in the bath!
- Irina

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear friend,

THANK YOU for coming back to my slightly REVISED post to listen to the OJAYS....I love that song and was brought up with the Black Gospel music that to this day, ROCKS MY SOUL!!!!!!! And you too had to go through school with a boy-cut?I did too after I was infected with LICE! I had the thickest head of hair and I always wore braids until the kid next store gave me lice. There we went to the BARBER, not a hair dresser, but a barber who hacked off my braids. I remember crying after a kid in the joint asked his mom, "Is that a boy or a girl?"

Oh the things we remember!


Palomasea said...

Thank you, dearest Violet, for visiting me!
Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!
- Irina