Thursday, February 13, 2014

HEARTS and love

What says love more on Valentine's Day than a 
H E A R T???

{okay, a heart shaped box of chocolates is even better}

And, .... um ...  oh yes... Diamonds? ... and .... Rubies?

I cut out a herd of hearts
from felted wool
{that sounds prettier than shrunken wool thrift store sweaters}

and attached vintage jewels to some

Soft Wool and Vintage Sparkle
a perfect marriage of texture and design

Here's one attached to a small package

... and inside ...
a necklace I made for a friend,
to say:

Happy Valentine's Day with Love!

and below,
this will make my felted heart necklace look a bit,
shall we say, boring.

{recipient of above necklace, do not read any further}

My Valentines Gift
from my husband
~ A Betsey Johnson necklace!

I know! doesn't he have exquisite taste?

Me on cell phone from T.J.'s:
"Hi dear one!
I just found the most wonderful Valentine's gift
for myself!  I love it!
You won't have to go shopping!
I'd rather have this than flowers, it will last longer!"

His reply, with some relief in his voice:
"What is it?"

Me: "The most beautiful necklace!
and it has hearts with VIOLETS on it!"

Him:  "Okay, get it."

Me:  {with inner happy dance} "YAY!!!!!!"

the end.

Isn't that the most wonderful
Valentines Day Gift story you've ever heard?!?
Okay, probably not, but it works for me.

~ Violet ~


Divine Theatre said...

LOL! Very sweet of your husband to concede victory, er, um, I mean bestow such a lovely Valentine's gift! LOL!
The felt hearts are a very clever use of thrift store sweaters! The uses are infinite!
Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend!
I may use this idea by placing a whole bunch of hearts at the neck of a log sleeved T-shirt!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I am laughing so hard with the utmost understanding of your humor, your talent, your ways!!!!!!!

THESE HEARTS! AH HA! You have been up to so many fun things, Violet! Love how you can wear your heart on your chest with a BROOCH! And you at TJs (where I seem to spend a lot of time as well for Ruben!) and your conversation with the it. What a great guy to just say, "GET IT!"

Wear it with total abandon my friend. I have a great chunky heart necklace I'm wearing tomorrow; think of me, and wear yours....from my heart to your heart I wish you the best happiness, forever. Anita

Createology said...

Your felted hearts are simply beautiful and full of love. As for your Betsy Johnson necklace you are such a good wife to help out your loving husband and save him the despair of shopping. Bless you dear...

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Happy Valentine's day!! These are beautiful...and I love your gift as well, so perfect xx